Pulse Office Building by Jacobsen Arquitetura – Stunning Inside

The Pulse Office Building designed by Jacobsen Arquitetura is much more than meets the eyes. At first glance, especially when viewed from the distance, the building perfectly blends with the surrounding, which is always the goal for such a project. However, the closer you get and especially when you get inside, things get special.

This office building is located in Rio de Janeiro’s Jardim Botanico, a very lush neighborhood. It houses offices, meeting spaces, a rooftop coffee shop and an auditorium. It is also very flexible in terms of unit customization and the commercial spaces face the street being located on the ground floor.

On the whole, the building covers an area of 8250 square meters and was inaugurated in 2019. The architects managed to create a building that looks just a little more modern than the ones around it, although this can be seen as an understatement when looking at all the elements added.

Jacobsen Arquitetura proposed a construction that was translucent, not completely transparent. It subtly stands out at night thanks to the use of special glass featuring opacity filters. Protection is gained from the sunlight and the façade was accentuated with movable, transparent glass.

Energy savings are high because of the use of matte black aluminum eaves. Then, there are wood panels and extra granite floors add to make everything even more beautiful. On the whole, everything is very well-designed.

Photographs: Pedro Mascaro