An Architect’s Big Idea For A Really Small $11,000 House

Architects sometimes get sick of something and they use their knowledge to create something awesome. This is exactly the case with Macy Miller. She had a very simple but big wish: build a home that is tiny but great. The micro home that resulted is quite impressive.

Just as the image above shows you, the house is tiny. It was built on a flatbed truck, cost a total of ONLY $11,400 and covers 196 square feet. While the costs are this low because Macy did a lot of work herself, the overall price tag should still be pretty small for everyone that wants to build something similar. Just check out the blog for the full plan and the budget details.

tiny cheap house 02

The use of space is definitely the most important part of the tiny home. As you can see, everything is put right inside the space and everything is maximized, including adding shelves that seem to be at a height that is a little inaccessible. Well, you can always use a chair. All for a little storage. tiny cheap house 03

You even have a desk (even if it is only a table) right next to the window. tiny cheap house 04

People spend a lot more time in the kitchen than they think. That is why we often look at the kitchen area as a really important part of any home. We loved the choices. Storage wise you can add many elements and the addition of color is what makes everything cozy. tiny cheap house 05

You need to sleep somewhere right? The bed is at a height, classic for maximizing space. It is also right next to a window so you can wake up in the morning with a touch of natural light.


On the whole, we really loved this tiny apartment and we had to share it with you. The house is fully portable and you can easily connect it to the power grid and a water supply. Even the toilet is environmentally friendly. This little house is definitely awesome. You can see more about it on her blog. Make sure you check it out.