How To Choose A Perfect Dining Table

There are various different sizes and shapes of dining tables so choosing the best dining table becomes problematic. Naturally, you will think about how the table looks like but you also need to think about other important factors like seating and available space.

The dining table has to offer enough space for how many diners you will accommodate. They need to seat comfortably and you need enough space to be available around the table for people to walk comfortably. A general rule of thumb states that the dining table needs to be wider than 36 inches and with the length you can improvise based on how many will seat.

Things Many Do Not Consider When Choosing A Dining Table


The Presence Of Other Dining Locations

When you choose the dining table you want to think about it as being the main meal location or a secondary meal location for guests. Realizing this fact will help you make many decisions easier. For instance, you can end up building a counter seating area in a kitchen for casual dining purposes instead of adding a dining table. Do you need a dining table for special events or for day-to-day use?

Are Dining Tables Only For Dining?

Will the table also be used by kids to do their homework? Do you use it as an office desk? Do you only use the dining table when guests come over? Such questions will help you to choose a table that is useful and that serves the purposes it has. Choosing a dining room that is perfect for dining but that would be totally uncomfortable for the kids to do their homework would be a disaster.

Choosing The Dining Table

Obviously, the very first thing that you want to do is to think about size and shape. We will talk a little bit more about this below so do keep reading. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is a lot of space available for moving around or at least the bare minimum needed. Where you will put the dining table can be much more important than what you think at the moment. Making a good choice is difficult mainly because of not thinking about all the facts that matter. Because of this, remember the following tips:

  • Table-To-Wall Clearance

table to furniture clearance

Always measure how much space is now available in your room. The diners have to sit down and then get up with ease from the seats. Because of this, you should leave around 45 inches free between the walls and the table.

  • Table-To-Furniture Clearance

There is a strong chance that you have some extra furniture in your dining area. If this is the case, the 45 inches mentioned above should be measured from the table to the furniture edge, not the wall.

  • Choose Round Tables For Small Spaces

round dining table

Round tables are great as they will fit in a tight space and there is no corner that you end up bumping into. More people can thus be accommodated. You can also opt for pedestal tables as they have a lot of extra legroom. Everyone loves legroom when dining.

Remember that a large round table is not great for dining because it will be tough to reach the food. If the crowds are really large, the rectangular shape has to be considered.

  • Choose Rectangular Tables In Narrow Or Long Rooms

recntagular dining table

The rectangular dining tables are the ones that are the most common. They have the huge advantage of offering traffic flow room. Table length will increase in a proportionate way with the width in most cases but this is not always the case. In this case you want to remember the idea of reaching food and you need to consider the option in larger rooms that are longer or narrower, not necessarily square.

  • Choose Square Tables In Square Rooms

square dining table

It is quite common to see rectangular tables in square rooms. This is not a good idea since the square table, just like the round dining table, offers an intimate dining experience, one that is much more appreciated since all people will be at an equal distance from one another. Mimicking room shape also works for interior design purposes. In the event that you have to accommodate over 8 people, you will need to test the dining table and you have to adapt since comfort would be limited because of table size.

Never Overcrowd Your Table

overcrowding dining table

Dining table manufacturers will recommend how many people can be seated. Comfort is considered when making the recommendation. Remember that one person needs around 2 feet of available eating space. That is something you need to consider. Be extremely careful when you add an extra chair and be sure that the guest will feel comfortable.

Room Interior Design And Dining Table Manufacture Characteristics

Dining area

Notice the fact that this is the last thing that we mention, although most people will first think about these factors, together with price tags, of course. You need to first think about comfort. This is because a dining table that is not functional, not comfortable, would be useless, even if it looks great. You will never use it. This is not what you want with the dining table.

Choosing the dining table based on looks and interior design is not that difficult. You can opt for something that perfectly matches the room. This is the easiest thing that you can do. For instance, if the room is rustic, a rustic dining table would look a lot better than a modern one. When you want to choose something different, the dining table basically becomes a focal point of the room, an element that will instantly grab attention. Be careful that the attention is a good one if this happens. The help of an interior designer may be needed in this case.