CLV House by Alp’Architecture Sarl

CLV House

The CLV House is a very beautiful project by Alp’Architecture Sarl for a 295 square meters home in Bagnes, Switzerland. It is really interesting because it looks both simple and modern at the same time.

CLV is bound to the little liberties that were left by the plot, mainly because of the slope present. There is a north exposition present and many constructions in the area. Important work was necessary to settle access. The architects did take into account site relations and even the landscape, together with natural light input and space placement.

The natural slope actually became an advantage as it was used to connect the upper floor and the ground floor to the garden. Stunning views are framed with light bevels and from the inside you can so easily see both the natural beauty around the house and the village.

Common spaces are all grouped in the upper floor. They are built around a luminous, cozy and bright loggia, creating a great link between the dining area and the living room.

The mentioned loggia is connected to the lower floor garden and the living room has a corner window with a bench where you can simply enjoy the lovely view.

In the facades we see a reinterpretation of local characteristics for the preserved region, like wood cladding, pitched roof and roof overhands. Then, everything is perfectly combined with the contemporary touch coming with offsets and asymmetries.

Photographs: Christophe Voisin