An Introduction to Architectural Design

architecture design

The field of architectural design encompasses many different areas. They include the structure, implementation, aesthetics, and safety. The field of architectural design is widely regarded as one of the most creative and rewarding in all of the arts. If you have an artistic bent of mind and creative abilities this is the career field for you.

architectural design

Structural Design refers to the arrangement and shape of space. It can also be called the architectural vocabulary of modernism. The main article architectural design is the arrangement of space using elements like massing, texture and form. It is used to define architectural spaces by creating a harmony of adjoining elements. The resulting work will be one that possesses the main architectural theme.

Modernism changed the face of architecture. It is characterized by flat architectural design and geometric forms. This form is usually associated with Futurism, Dadaism, Bauhaus and other modernist architectural designs. A major influence on modernism is the cityscapes. Cityscapes are characterized by rectangular shapes that are taken from nature.

Urbanism on the other hand is associated with the classical style architecture. It is characterized by quality materials, intricate detailing and attention to natural surroundings. Urban architecture is highly individual and the end product is always a beautiful cityscape. This style is often adopted from the natural landscapes and it attempts to recreate the landscapes through innovative methods. In order to be in line with the urban landscape, modern architectural design should incorporate various elements such as texture, form and color.

The three areas of architectural design are interior, exterior and landscape. Interior design refers to the aesthetic elements that are added to the exterior part of the building. Exterior designing deals with all the elements that make up the exterior part of a building. Landscape designing is concerned with the overall look and feel of the area that encompasses the architectural project. An architect has to consider all the elements that go into designing a building.

There are many elements involved in the designing process. All these different components should work together and complement each other. Each of these components has to be carefully considered before an architectural project is started. All these elements have to be included in the design so as to create a good final product. The end result should be a building that is attractive, functional and that meets the overall needs of its inhabitants.

Before starting an architectural design concept, first the contractor should gather all the required information about the project. He will have to prepare a set of construction documents including the drawings, blueprints and other specifications needed for the project. This documentation will provide all the information the contractor needs to know to start the construction process.

Once the contractor gathers all the construction documents, he will have to bring all the samples that he requires for his design concept. The architect will then review all the samples and make a rough sketch. This rough sketch will serve as the basis of the plans that are to be designed. In order to complete the entire construction process, the architect will have to hire the services of a contractor who has professional expertise in the field of construction documents. The contractor shall help the architect in creating the construction documents and shall oversee all the other aspects of the project.

Architectural designers are trained to create both conventional and contemporary designs. The Vitruvius house was designed by Vitruvius, a Greek architect who is one of the most famous Roman architects. According to some historians, Vitruvius was trained by the younger brother of the Emperor Trajan. During this period, there was a great demand for skilled architects and the architectural design process became the opportunity to earn a decent living. Thus, the architectural design profession flourished during the period of the Roman Empire.

In Vitruvius, the main article that has been reproduced was the house. In fact, this article is considered as the foundation of the entire Roman Empire. The main article includes the forum, the temple of Saturn, the gymnasium, the temple of Hercules and the granary. These buildings form the key attractions of the main article of the book.

The second chapter is on the topics of public structures and urban planning. The main ideas of urban design are represented in this chapter. The buildings and other physical structures are classified according to their function, size and functionality. This chapter provides a detailed analysis of the basic elements such as architecture, location, construction, functionality, maintenance and protection. Therefore, an architect is able to develop accurate building designs, which are in accordance with the requirements of the society.