How To Choose The Best Self Storage For You

self storage

There are countless different situations in which you need self-storage. Sometimes you have to prepare the home for a potential buyer. In other cases, you just need to store something because there is no room left in your home. Regardless of the situation, more and more self-storage options appear so there is definitely no shortage to choose from.

How do you choose though?

Sometimes you might need something simple, like a small box for some jewelry. We are sure you already know what the best option would be in this case. However, in other cases, your choice is much more complex and you might need something like climate controlled storage. Make the best possible choice by thinking about he following.

Storage Type Needed

The very first thing you need to consider is the type of needed storage. A failure to consider this leads to choosing options that are not cost effective or simply unsuitable. Before you go and search, be realistic about what you look for.

For starters, what size should the unit be? This has to be right or you will not be able to fit all you want to store or you might end up faced with losing money since the storage space chosen is too high.

Make a list of what you will store. Be as specific as possible. Send your list to storage firms to obtain a quote. This is helpful since it offers an unobjective, realistic quote in regards to the size you need. And you get to see some prices.

Storage Facility Location

When you need to access the storage space regularly, a facility that is very far away simply does not make sense. However, what you use the storage unit for does count. When you store all belongings during cross-country moves, as an example, having a unit closer to where you move to is a good idea. When you simply want to free up some space, a facility close to where you live is a great idea.


Facility accessibility is usually a factor that is not considered. However, the time when the unit can be accessed might be a huge deal breaker. As an example, when the storage space is used to store musical equipment between shoes, you might have to go in early during the morning and late during the night. However, for most people, regular weekend and weekday access is enough. Just make sure you consider this as you do not want to be surprised when you really need to access the facility.

On-Site Facilities

This is best explained through a simple example. Let’s say that you want to store some items that are valuable. You cannot just put them behind a locked door and expect everything to be ok. In this case, you might need extra on-site security.

Besides the obvious security features like guards, also think about access cameras, fire protection, and door entry codes.