Bathroom Design Trends to Watch For in 2023

Bathrooms are rooms where functionality takes precedence, yet it’s also an opportunity to experiment with design in order to create something truly original.

NKBA reports that one popular trend among bathroom renovation projects is creating a spa-inspired atmosphere. To do this, traditional elements can be combined with contemporary fixtures and materials like houseplants that offer air-purifying properties.

Porcelain & Ceramic

Color in tile transcends the two-dimensional constraints of paint, enabling designers to introduce bold hues and patterns. For instance, an intense cobalt blue may feel too intense as paint; yet this same hue comes alive on the walls of a powder room!

Tumbled tiles no longer merely cover walls; they now adorn bathtubs, tubs, and seating too! This bathroom trend harkens back to the 60s and 70s when patterned tiles covered entire rooms including furniture.

2022’s designers are pushing this trend even further by using porcelain and ceramic tile that emulates wood grains for added warmth and texture in any bathroom. This material provides an earthy warmth and feels while adding visual interest.


Carefully chosen materials and textures add dimension and warmth to bathroom design schemes, from plush textiles like rugs, linen, and robes to rough stones and raw woodwork – tactile materials bring warmth and dimension into design schemes.

Earthy greens and aquatic blues have also become popular choices for bathroom decor as more homeowners embrace an organic aesthetic. You might spot splashes of these hues both in paint accents as well as patterns on wallpaper or floor tile designs.

Fluted surfaces offer an elegant way to add subtle texture and depth to a bathroom, from vanity cabinets and tile backsplashes to vanity chairs with fluted surfaces. This trend works perfectly in both traditional and modern bathroom settings.

Honeyed Tones

Recent years have seen a noticeable trend away from minimalist bathroom aesthetics, as homeowners embrace making the space feel more homely by incorporating older design elements like aged brassware, wooden furniture, and scalloped finishes into their space.

Comfort and cocooning in the bathroom are likely to affect color choices; pink, green, and terracotta hues should be on the radar in 2023 bathroom designs when selecting tiles or accessories.

Natural materials are another trend to look out for this year in the bathroom, with natural textures such as rattan and wicker creating an inviting ambiance. Consider incorporating these textures with circular caning on vanity doors or woven bathroom rugs – or try something bold like installing circular canings around vanity cabinets for added impact!

Open Shelves

Storage is a crucial component of any bathroom remodel, and cabinets provide an efficient means of hiding items away. Open shelving offers you an opportunity to create stunning displays that add character and dimension to your bath design.

Cooler hues such as blues with green undertones have become increasingly popular for bathroom colors this year, as are muted wood tones and natural finishes. You can add texture with trendy options such as ribbed looks or undulating surfaces – adding another element of interest and texture!

Glass shelving is an effective way to bring light into any bathroom, as its neutral appearance fits seamlessly with any bath design. Use decorative containers or baskets made of glass as stylish storage space for cotton balls or hand towels while showing off your unique aesthetic.

Slimline Wall Sconces

Slimline sconces have quickly become one of the hottest bathroom design trends of 2023, making an elegant and contemporary statement and providing an effective alternative to traditional vanity lighting.

Sensuous curves will take center stage this year in bathroom designs. Starting with circular mirror ideas, this smart surface technique can expand to lozenge and arched shapes which work especially well in small bathrooms. Molded designs to soften straight lines are another popular trend favored by Devon&Devon product designer Sara Ramundo.

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Industrial Pipes

Exposed pipes and industrial decor go hand-in-hand. But if you don’t want to expose your actual plumbing (or can’t), use a faucet design with spoked wheels, plates, or other elements for that look without risking exposure to your actual pipes.

Rustic finishes can help maintain an industrial bathroom theme easily. Concrete walls, rustic wooden vanities, and metal with a natural patina all help achieve that worn-down feel that characterizes an industrial bathroom.

Many of the same sustainable concerns reflected in kitchen trends can also be found in bathroom design trends, with LED lighting, increased natural lighting, and EPA WaterSense-approved faucets and showerheads becoming more popular choices in bathrooms.