Coastal-Themed Bathroom Design Ideas

Coastal-themed bathroom ideas often incorporate natural finishes like honed stone countertops, linen window treatments and weathered wood cabinets. You can keep things feeling organic by taking inspiration from nature such as framing photos of ocean waves.

Playfulness is key when it comes to coastal design. Add a splash of color with a striped shower curtain or add eye-catching tiles for your sink backsplash.

Textured accents

There’s something calming and soothing about ocean-inspired colors, natural textures and weathered wood that make a coastal bathroom design ideas instantly transport you to more relaxing locales.

Add texture with natural materials like woven or jute bath mats, seagrass rugs or rattan toilet seat covers from natural fibers like seagrass. Natural materials also complement beach-inspired color schemes like sandy beiges, stone grays and cloudy whites well.

Bring a splash of beach style into any coastal bathroom by hanging wallpaper featuring ocean and beach themes, like stripes. They make for an excellent way to add vibrancy.

Nautical accents

Wallpaper featuring sea scenes is an eye-catching coastal bathroom design element that creates an eye-catching focal point. To keep things in keeping with its theme, use neutral hues and decorative accessories that tie in, such as this nautical-themed bathroom featuring round rustic wood mirror and lobster artwork.

Bring the outdoors indoors by choosing an aesthetic inspired by sandy beiges and stone grays from nature; or opt for lively seashore hues in blue to bring relaxation into the room. A framed sea creature print adds additional visual interest, while wicker tissue holders tie in perfectly.

Coastal-themed bathrooms often include natural materials like woven baskets and driftwood shelves. Add even more beachy charm by opting for a reclaimed-wood vanity.


If you’re looking for coastal bathroom ideas without going over the top, timeless neutrals and subtle nautical accents offer a beautiful blend of coastal flair and casual elegance that would work in both modern and traditional homes.

Blue and white hues will evoke ocean waters and sandy beaches while hues of green can evoke lush coastal vegetation. Natural textures also play an integral part in coastal-themed bathrooms – whether woven rugs, wooden cabinets, or wicker furnishings are just a few examples that add a casual feel to this design style. Finally, adding tropical houseplants is another easy way to bring beachy accents into any room!

Herringbone tile

When decorating coastal bathrooms, earthy materials and nautical accents add visual interest. Try including items like woven floor runners, rattan pendant lighting or even framed prints of the sea in your decor scheme.

Herringbone tile is an iconic geometric pattern, perfect for walls and floors alike. Add this timeless pattern to your coastal bathroom to achieve a luxurious, on-trend, and contemporary aesthetic.

For an informal beachy aesthetic, herringbone tile in warmer tones such as cream or light brown may be just what’s needed to give a casual seaside feel. Or for something more contemporary with seaside flair consider tropical teal, pretty periwinkle or preppy navy colors for herringbone tiles in cool tones such as tropical teal.

Wood accents

If you want to give your bathroom a coastal vibe without overdoing it, there are numerous subtle ways you can achieve this effect. One option could be using wallpaper with beach scenes on it in your shower stall; another might be purchasing a rug featuring pampas grass designs.

Alternative colors that evoke tropical serenity include shades of green that recall tropical serenity and lush vegetation, or you could pick blue colors that mimic ocean and sky views to bring an airy atmosphere into your bathing space.

Wood and wicker accents add natural elements that bring texture to coastal bathrooms, such as woven light fixtures, rattan vanity stools, or frames pennants that pay tribute to maritime culture.


Chandeliers may seem out of place with coastal aesthetics, but you can easily incorporate one without diminishing the theme. Look for fixtures made with organic materials like jute or wood; perhaps incorporating woven baskets for towels and toiletries or even wicker stools would help accentuate this look.

Playing with textures can add beach-inspired style to a bathroom, as demonstrated here by combining rattan pendant lights, woven shades, striped Turkish cotton towels and nautical themes in an understated yet effective manner. A framed pennant on the wall adds another nautical detail while cool blue walls serve to tie everything together seamlessly.