Bay Window House by Atelier Oslo

The Bay Window House is a wonderful 2020 project of 600 square meters in Mosjoen, Norway, by Atelier Oslo. It is located in a beautiful valley right at the mouth of the Vefsn river, being close to Lofoten.

Right now, the town of Mosjoen is filled with detached houses placed in a residential area respecting a very strict grid plan. Bay Window House stands out as a very interesting alternative since it features 4 apartments for those that want to replace a single-family house with the apartment. The project is quite ambitious but we think Atelier Oslo managed to do a great thing here.

Apartments have different qualities and private defined outdoor spaces. They are partially shielded one from another. The second floor and the ground floor are recessed with the use of a small footprint relating to the detached houses in the neighborhood.

The first floor of the Bay Window House is divided into smaller volumes. These are forming canopies above the ground floor, and there are terraces on the second floor. Rooms all feature a bay window at a 45 degrees arrangement in regards to building direction.

You practically have uninterrupted, long views between the houses placed in the local grid plan, moving up towards the sky and the hills. Bay windows stand out as a pivotal part of the design of the building. They add rhythm and variety.

The Bay Window House features a flat plot. The former building ended up being demolished, with just gravel and sand being left. Atelier Oslo tried to create a beautiful place that will end up developing natural qualities, standing out as an enrichment for all the new residents and the surroundings. There is a variety of different low vegetation present, with pine trees and more. Nature and the actual building end up growing into a beautiful surrounding.

Photographs: Kristoffer Wittrup