Common Smelly Plumbing Problems

bad bathroom smells

We all hate it when plumbing problems appear. Things back up, gurgle, or simply stink up the entire home.

The good news is that you only need a bit of know-how and some prevention to deal with the nastier issues you could experience in your pipes.

While we cannot talk about all the plumbing problems that lead to nasty, gross, smelly situations, we should highlight 3 that are just very, very common. And we will tell you what you have to know about them.

Sewage Smells In The Bathroom

You wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom to wash your teeth and freshen up. You expect relaxing lavender scent since this is what you use but SURPRISE: sewage smells hit you and wake you up much faster than usual.

Now it is time to cover your nose if you have to and be proactive.

The very first place to look at is your toilet. Start with examining the ring that is sealing the drain. When the toilet bowl is wobbling, this wax ring surely has to be replaced.

If the wax ring is ok, look at the caulking of the toilet base. Bacteria can easily breed there and have its own private spa. It is gross but urine or old water can actually stand there and cause that unwanted odor.

When these steps do not help, it is time to call the plumber.

Bad Odors From The Air Conditioning Unit

It is always gross to catch that whiff of a very bad smell, sometimes like stinky feet, coming from the air conditioning unit. But the real problem is that such a sign can represent a very serious hazard inside your home. This is true even if the AC unit is off.

That nasty smell is often a sign that there is mold inside the unit. This can only get worse as time passes. You might have to deal with stagnant water inside the clogged drain pan.

What you have to do is replace the filter or at least clean it very well. Then, unclog the unit’s drain pan. When this does not solve the problem, it is time to contact an experienced HVAC professional. Make sure that you book a specialist before you have to use the unit a lot as the weather is very hot.

Hot Water, Disposal, or Sink Smells Just Like Rotten Eggs

Gas leaks are often signaled by rotting egg smell but it is also quite common to end up with hot water having the same smell. Usually, this is because there is a problem with the water heater since bacteria colonies are present, often because of long periods when the unit was not used.

The good news is the bacteria in the water heater is not harmful for humans. However, they do make the simple process of drinking a glass of water a very bad experience.

In most cases, you can solve the water heater problem by increasing temperature for a full day and night. Then, run hot water taps so you can remove the bacteria.

When it is the sink that causes the bad odor, look at the overflow. Use a mixture of water and bleach (50-50 ratio) and pour it inside the sink overflow hole. The rotten egg smell can also come from the garbage disposal. Food particles often lead to bacteria and mold growth. Learn how to properly clean a garbage disposal and be very careful since this is dangerous.