Blido – The World’s Most Expensive Sink

When talking about elegance, luxury is one of the best way to describe it. There are many types of luxurious items that give the décor of a home an incredible touch. Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean opulence and going crazy for the huge stuff. Many items are carefully carved and crafted or created with fiancé and fine taste, making elegance seem as something natural.


Home décor is all about great taste. This means that many rich home owners can actually afford to buy the most expensive of items and create the perfect ambiance inside their home. Let’s take the new offering that Luxury Edition & Gallery (LE&G) has put on the market and examine it a little bit.

The all new “Blido” is claimed to be the world’s most expensive sink, as featured on Home Edit. It has taken a lot of fiancé to carve this luxury sink, that features a 24 carat gold plating and that is not even the most impressive aspect of the sink.  The most expensive item on the sink is a VS2 G brilliant cut diamond, along with eight 0.25 carat VVS1 E brilliant cut diamonds. On top of all this, white gold has been used to craft the bezel for the sink. There is a special offer for the ones that don’t fancy diamonds so much, they can opt for a solid gold edition, that has no diamonds. The price tag for the “Blido” reaches the total sum of $80,000.

It Can Be Personalized


Additionally, for the most pretentious of customers, there are various customization options that can feature the “Blido”. For example, another popular choice when it comes to the sink are the gems and precious stones: rubies, diamonds, emeralds or even sapphires. The design is spectacular and so is the craftsmanship. For the ones that have an even more interesting taste, there’s always the option of choosing the primary metal for the “Blido” to be platinum. It’s one of the most expensive materials in the world and many people have chosen it as part of their décor. Regardless of the choice of materials, every piece of item is created with a great deal of attention and an eye for detail.

Reputation Is Everything

blido sink 2

One last detail to consider when it comes to this particular product is the manufacturer. It’s reputation goes as one of the most immaculate luxury furniture company on the market, with products that have been created to offer a sense of individuality, feeling unique. Even the “Blido” is considered to be an exclusive piece of furniture, not very present in normal homes. Counting on this particular aspect alone, the company has built a high reputation when it comes to its products.

There are many people who have worked their entire life to reach a certain luxurious level and feel incredible about it. This particular sink can enhance that luxurious feeling and create the perfect ambiance in your bathroom.