Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas For Bedrooms

The Mediterranean style is the perfect combination of elegance, relaxation and naturalness. Mediterranean style is specific for the southern Europe countries, being characterized by colors, freshness and naturalness. This style can be found especially in the south of France, Spain and Italy, regions known for the turquoise water that reflects in the interiordesign.

The Mediterranean Sea is fascinating if we think of the multitude of cultures that cross it. When we speak of a Mediterranean bedroom, we are actually talking about a mixture of styles from Arabesque to European.

The bedroom is exotic and sensual

sensual mediterranean bedroom

Try to bring an exotic air in your bedroom. Use fine, white sheets made of fluffy material. A bowl with sand and flowers on the bedside is a unique and easy way to change the entire atmosphere with just a small element. A few blue candles should help the decor as well. If you don’t want a classic bedroom, replace the carpet with a mat and buy a bamboo screen on which you can put a scarf and other stuff that you think it would look nice.

Don’t forget about the light! Use as many ambient lamps as you can, because lightning is very important when it comes to Mediterranean interior design.

A Moroccan Bedroom

The first rule is that the central pieces of a bedroom need to be from one style. In other words, if you decide to go with a bedroom with Moroccan influences, white and blue should be out of discussion, because they are specific to Greek design. You need a red colors palette that can represent almost everything in the room, except for the walls. You should choose a neutral color for the walls in order to make the entire room look harmonious.

maroccan bedroom

The “Moorish”


Another successful combination is the Spanish style combined with the Moroccan one, also called Moorish. It consists of colorful bedrooms without heavy curtains or sheets or any other accessories that could make it look too busy. You have many options if you choose the Moorish design, because both Moroccan and Spanish styles are very complex and rich in specific patterns, colors and textures that can create something totally new and beautiful.

The Greek style

However, if you feel attracted by a Greek style, then your bedroom should be white. You could also add some blue focal points like vases, frames or pillows. Eventually, for a complete visual effect you can add a wallpaper with Arabesque elements, without ruining the Mediterranean style.

greek style

All the aspects are important

An aspect that many people ignore is the floor. Spanish people like having different carpets with different patterns in the entire house. Thus, a classic carpet that matches the rest of the furniture could be the special element that will make your bedroom unique and chic. Classic carpets have big dimensions and they usually are the principal elements in a room, so be careful when you choose a size.

In the Mediterranean style, the first thing that should be taken into consideration is naturalness, not precision and accuracy. For example, you can leave the traces from the brush on the walls. The materials you use should be natural and well chosen. This style is about balance: never use too much, but don’t leave something unresolved.