Shower Gadgets You Will Love Using

The bathroom is one the most useful rooms in your entire house. There are a lot of products that you should keep in mind when it comes to bathroom usage. Some great shower gadgets will transform the bathroom into a special place. Add some waterproof music and a lightshow and you will make a really great and memorable experience when you decide to take a shower.

Control your music while taking a shower

This is a great gadget that can easily connect to your phone. You can use it to control your music while taking a shower. The best part about this shower gadget is the fact that it will be waterproof and has a reliable suction cap.

You can control all of your songs and it will sync with your phone gallery. Another nice thing about this one is the fact that it has more than 10 hours of battery life. If someone calls you are covered because it also has a built in mic.

Never lose a great idea

Ideas usually come in unexpected places. This is why the Eureka Shower Idea Whiteboard may be the gadget you will need. You can place this gadget next to your shower and using an oil pencil on some removable sheets you will be able to write down any unexpected idea that will pop in your mind.

Turn shower into a rave

If you want to make your shower a special place in your bathroom, you can add some LED shower heads. Everyone wants this gadget because the shower heads with LED are easy to install and they will create a decent shower pressure. Every time you will use one, it will create seven vibrant colors that will captivate the eye.

Make a bath instead of a shower

If you like taking a shower, you probably enjoy taking a bath too. This is why you should invest into a wooden bathtub caddy. This caddy will let you bring all of your devices to the bathroom and you can even bring some wine and even a book with you. This caddy is made up of durable bamboo and it will keep all of your stuff secured so it won`t be any risk of it falling into the water.

Cut the clutter down

You can create some additional storage room near to your shower by using a shower caddy. If you install this gadget near to your shower, you will manage to keep your shampoo, soap and even other things such as razors near to your shower.

Towel hook

After you finish with you shower you will need a towel. The Umbra Sticks wall hook is a great addition to your bathroom because it will look like a sculpture. It will easily hold your clothes, accessories and even towels. This option is really great for small bathrooms because the hook flips upwards when you don`t use it. Another great thing regarding this is that the wood is really durable.