How to Design a Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget

Redesigning a luxurious bathroom without breaking the bank is easier than you think, thanks to these tips from interior experts who offer cost-cutting tweaks and styling tricks to elevate the aesthetics of any washroom.

Paint can be an easy, affordable DIY way to transform the bathroom space in ways you won’t regret for years. Just choose colors that meet your aesthetic preferences for lasting enjoyment!

1. Natural stone

Natural stone brings organic warmth and texture to any bathroom space, as well as increasing its resell value.

Carrara and Calacatta marble are perennially popular choices, but other budget-conscious options exist such as soapstone. You could also look out for remnant slabs at local stone yards to further reduce costs.

Visual texture can also add an air of luxury, such as using faux-stone products in your bathroom space. These wall panels and tile designs provide an expensive-looking finish at a fraction of the cost.

2. Undermount sinks

Luxurious bathrooms don’t need to be overly expensive; making small tweaks and styling tricks part of your budget will elevate the space.

Undermount sinks offer many advantages over drop-in models, including seamless appearance that blends in perfectly with any countertop material and easier cleaning and maintenance with no edges or rims to trap dirt and grime. Unfortunately, undermounts tend to be more costly.

3. Lighted medicine cabinets

A lighted medicine cabinet adds an elegant touch to any bathroom design, making it easier to put in contacts, brush your teeth or apply makeup. There is a variety of styles available with some even featuring defogger technology for clear reflection.

Storms believes using one accent color throughout a room can add depth and dimension. She suggests using luxurious bath linens like white towels and rugs for this effect.

4. Porcelain tiles

Opting for porcelain tiles instead of ceramic is an affordable way to elevate the design of your bathroom space. Not only are these water-resistant, dense tiles hypoallergenic, they’re also mildew resistant – providing you with an ideal environment.

Marble-effect porcelain tiles offer a cost-effective and stylish solution that recreates the textures and patterns found in natural marble while remaining durable and stain-resistant. Ideal for both floors and walls alike, marble-effect porcelain tiles make a striking impression in any setting.

5. Natural stone backsplash

Homeowners looking through design magazines will often admire the exquisite natural stone found within its pages, yet many believe this luxurious look can only be accomplished on an extravagant budget. But don’t despair: This luxurious look can still be achieved on even a limited budget!

Use tile paint to quickly and affordably give your bathroom tiles an instant makeover with tile recoloring, adding depth and dimension through accent colours and textures that elevate the space and make it feel distinctive. Tile painting offers a quick and cost-effective solution.

6. Lighted towel racks

Installing a lighted towel rack is one of the quickest and least-expensive bathroom renovation ideas. They add a chic accent to the space, creating an spa-like environment in no time at all.

Upgrade your bathroom cabinets by adding exciting design details, like fluted edges or mirrored doors. Choose a paint color that complements your aesthetic for years of enjoyment!

7. Art

Decor accents such as candles and framed artwork help create an aesthetically pleasing space, and using them strategically can also help make a luxury bathroom seem more cost-effective.

Installing marble in your bath may be costly, but you could use it in your shower as a backsplash at much less expense. Tile paint also offers quick and cost-effective results.

8. Greenery

Adding elements of nature can add an air of tranquillity and luxury to any bathroom, such as placing lush green plants on your vanity or in your shower to create a soothing oasis.

Modifying your bathroom hardware is an effortless, cost-effective way to elevate its visual impact. Choose decorative pieces over basic handles if you want your space to appear more luxurious.

9. Vessel sinks

By adding a robe hook and rod for hanging towels, your bathroom will appear more luxurious. Furthermore, consider installing a lighted medicine cabinet to keep all of your bathroom necessities neatly organized and easy to locate.

Vessel sinks are an increasingly popular choice as they sit atop of your vanity countertop rather than beneath it. Available in numerous styles, vessel sinks can often be more affordable than traditional drop-in models.

10. Vibrant colour

Add decorative accents like rugs, artwork and candles to create a bathroom that truly feels like your own sanctuary. Make sure the pieces reflect your personal style while complementing the overall design theme for a seamless aesthetic.

While trends can come and go, timeless colors such as white and gray remain fashionable. An easy and cost-effective way to update your bathroom quickly and affordably is painting over existing tiles in the colour that best reflects you.