Monica Bonvicini’s See-Through Toilet Just For The Brave

Don't Miss a Sec toilet

How courageous are you? This is the question that instantly comes to mind when you look at Monica Bonvicini’s “Don’t Miss A Sec” art installation. Basically, this is a toilet that tests your privacy boundaries.

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In case you did not realize it, this is a public toilet that anyone can use. It has one-way mirrors, just like those used in police interrogation rooms. The premise is really simple:

“The person inside sees everything outside. From the outside, you do not see inside.”

From the outside, you only see reflections of the outdoor area. The individual that uses the washroom though gets to spy on everyone around. Can you use the toilet if this is the case? Would you react if there was someone that would use the window as you stay on the toilet bowl?

Monica Bonvicini says that this voyeuristic experience is all about “the urge, during big art events where so much is about see and be seen, to not miss anything.

The toilet is very basic inside. Its toilet unit is stainless steel, but there are also some fluorescent lights, glass panels and aluminum used, besides the two-way mirror structure. Dimensons: 250 x 226 x 185 cm.

Photographs: Jannes Linders