Casa A – Triangular House by Metodo

There are many places where the landscape makes it really hard to have an inhabitable place, a house. This is especially true in remote areas and when the owner wants something large. The great thing about architecture, just as Casa A architect in charge Bernardo Garcia says, is that it makes it possible to create living spaces in such remote areas.

Casa A is located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico and was designed by Metodo. It covers 327 square meters and was built in 2015. The site of the house is stunning. The landscape is simply breathtaking, a place where you would not expect to see a modern home. That is why, most likely, Casa A was built with a blending desire. According to Metodo, Casa A was built with the main intention of giving “its inhabitants a way to “live” the lake”.

The use of natural light is a true delight to see. Balconies and windows are large. There is a great outdoor area where you are right next to huge trees and the lake. Natural materials were chosen to build the home: wood, stone, steel and glass. All this in a combination with really high and large spaces. The result is a contemporary warm feeling.

[AdSense-A] Photographer: Tatiana Mestre