The Modern Glass Treehouse Of The Future?

treehouse of the future

Treehouses fascinate us and they always will. Modern treehouses seem to keep popping up all around the world and there are some brave architects like Aibek Almassov that want to take everything to a whole new level.

The project for this really interesting glass treehouse is finished and we are now in the funding phase, with a special IndieGoGo campaign that has 2 months left until over as the architect is looking for the money needed to get the first modern glass treehouse ready for people to see.

As you most likely already figured out, we are talking about a glass-encased home that surrounds a tree trunk and that will have 4 stories. Glass walls will be coated by transparent solar panels and the rainwater is going to be purified and then renewed for humans to use. Oxygen coming from the tree will freely flow right through the home.

The plan is to have the very first house building project started in the year 2017 in Kazakhstan, where the authorities are already on board. The first glass treehouse will most likely be a public visiting space but in the future this may be something that people from all around the world will consider as a great living space that protects the environment and looks stunning at the same time.


Unfortunately, there are also some problems with this glass treehouse project that we do have to wonder about. Where will the leaves go and will birds end up slamming into the glass as they think they go to the tree? Building such a home in the middle of the forest might be problematic for the way in which nature works so many questions do appear. Insects and animals can become a huge problem and there are different situations in which trees died when they were surrounded by glass for similar projects in the past.

While we cannot say for sure that this is going to be something that will work in the future, it is definitely an idea that can be seen as a starting point for future developments. Even so, we cannot simply stay and not wonder:

What will happen as the tree grows?

treehouse plan treehouse plan 2 treehouse plan 3 treehouse plan 4