8 Ways To Make More Room In Your Home

When your home is small there isn`t a lot of storage space. There will be the need to make some additional storage space in order to store all of your items. People tend to have in their houses a lot of items that they usually don`t use and there will be the need to store these items. Here are some really easy to follow tips in order to make your room more space efficient.

  1. Take use of the vertical space

Taking advantage of the wall is the first thing you will need to think of. You can build some really high shelves and cabinets. Another way to take advantage of the walls is to take use of the hooks. Adding your desk in the corner of your living room is another good idea in order to save some space. You can add this table under a window. If you do so, you will manage to take advantage of the solar light.

  1. The traffic paths should be clear

Creating an efficient layout is a great way to avoid bumping into furniture. Create direct paths to the zones that you commonly use and make space to move around.

  1. Control the clutter

If you no longer need an item you should get rid of it. Keep all of the important documents in some labeled folders. Deal with paperwork as it comes in.


  1. Storage

You can store the bathroom supplies and cleaning products into boxes or even plastic bins. An over-the-door rack is also a good idea for storage.

  1. Creating a nook

Adding a desk in the corner of your room, preferably under a window is a great idea to take advantage of some sunlight and also make more room. You can do different things here such as your homework and even paperwork.

  1. Store items in their usage room

It isn`t a good idea to store items that you don`t use in a room. This is why you should keep table linens in the dining room, dishes in the kitchen, books and even magazines in the den and detergent in the laundry room. Purchasing some double-duty furnishings is a great idea. You can choose pieces that are versatile. Just go for a coffee table and a lighting for reading.

  1. Multiple table surfaces

This is another good idea for you. You need to be sure that there are a lot of surfaces within your reach. It should be really easy to reach the most common items in your room such as your drink, table lamps, books or even reading glasses.

  1. Efficient lighting

Make sure that you have some really great lighting for your activities. Choose some small table lamps that will create the perfect mood in your room. There is also the possibility to buy some floor lamps that will also help in creating the perfect mood for doing different activities.


Following these tips will make a huge impact on your home because they will help you in creating some additional room in your house.