Casita del Arbol by Paschetta Cavallero Arquitectos

Casita del Arbol (roughly translated Tree House) is located in Santa Fe, right on the Parana River’s landscape. The multi-use space instantly stands out but not too much as to draw unwanted attention. It is the interior that makes the work of Paschetta Cavallero Arquitectos really beautiful.

Covering a total of 656 square feet, it is the interior space that is unique, with its small attic featuring a double height. You find the attic at the upper level and you get to it through a staircase.

As soon as you look at the tree house you instantly notice that 3 of the facades are opened. This maximizes treetop views.

The house is low maintenance and was built with the use of local production companies. Its facades have a striated look, mainly because of the use of sheet metal. These striations stand out as opposites of the smooth aesthetics you see on the inside.

The use of black was a good choice since it makes the construction hidden during the night, almost disappearing between the surrounding treetops.

Photographs: Federico Cairoli