Reimagined Public Street Signs Highlighting The Coronavirus Pandemic

There is no denial that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world and what will happen after is something we simply do not know at the moment. Due to this, people are reimagining the future, with Coonrad, creative director at Cannon Design showing us 10 street signs, building notices and road markings changed to better reflect the current situation. The original signs are from New York Safety and the modified ones are all about letting people know how to be safe during the outbreak.

The sign that we loved the most was the one that changed the classic “Caution Wet Floor” sign we often see in locations like malls and McDonalds to a new text that is all about celebrating the healthcare workers. The second one was the one reinterpreting bike lanes in parks to food delivery lanes.

According to the designer, the inspiration for the series appeared after he went through Brooklyn and saw many vacant businesses and empty streets. Due to this, he started looking at the road signs.

We hope he looks at more signs because this series is too short to feature just 10 images.