How To Choose Wallpaper For Any Room

Wallpapers are so common because of the fact that they will make an almost instant impression. Unfortunately, there are cases in which the impression is not positive because of poor color choices, improper preparation, uneven walls and so much more.

The good news is that it is not so difficult to choose that perfect wallpaper. The factors that have to be considered will be mentioned below, together with extra tips to make your choice a lot easier.

Consider Wallpaper Tone

wallpaper tone

Wallpaper will set style in a room. The secret in most cases is to understand the role of the wallpaper in the design of a room. Will the wallpaper be the dominant feature of the room? Is it going to be just a part of the room design?

Remember the fact that trends can appear and disappear. However, your wallpaper can easily last for ten years. That is why you absolutely need to love it before you will make a purchase. This is an individual matter and choices are normally based on memories and moods. Never be afraid to trust that instinct of yours instead of blindly trusting someone else’s advice.

Choose Samples First

wallpaper samples

This is a really helpful way to narrow down wallpaper ideas and choose something that you are going to love. Most people just go to shops or order directly from the internet. This is not a correct approach. What you have to do is to take wallpaper samples. A sample can be used at home right on the walls in order to see how the wallpaper will blend with the interior design of the room. You would be able to see real texture, design and color.

Do use the samples in daylight and artificial light. That will help you to see exactly how the wallpaper looks like and you will be sure that you made the right choice. In addition, wallpaper samples can help you evaluate thickness and quality, together with hanging method necessary. Samples should be shown to installers way in advance so that he knows exactly what to expect when telling you how much installation costs.

Do not forget about the batch number or the dye lot. The wallpaper cuts are normally printed in various batches, with the showing various possible differences, especially when referring to color.

Research Trends – What Is Hot With Wallpapers?

textured wallpaper

At the moment we can say that textured wallpaper is quite popular and there is no sign that the trend will die in the near future. That is because of the fact that it can easily add space depth and even warmth. Such wallpapers can be combined with throws and rugs, grass cloth textures and even animal prints to make the room feel rich and simply make it more interesting.

You need to research trends. They will help you to make a better choice. At the same time, you can find ideas that you had no idea about. There are many interesting wallpaper themes to take into account. Always think about something that you will love years from now though. Trends can always change but you need to still like the design.

Be Careful With Bathrooms And Kitchens

bathroom wallpaper

In these two rooms you have to be particularly careful of the choices that you make. The wallpaper that is made out of washable vinyl is normally the best choice in bathrooms and kitchens because of the regular steam exposure. Such wallpaper will be really easy to clean and the stains will normally not soak in. Durability is high and that is always an added advantage to consider.

Alternatively, if you do not want vinyl wallpapers in the kitchen, you can go for glass backsplash. This does protect areas from dirt and wear.

Determine How Much Wallpaper You Need

wallpaper rolls

You want to determine exactly how many wallpaper rolls you need. To do this, look at wallpaper width. Measure room perimeter and factor in windows and doors. Then divide this by paper width to see the number of rolls necessary.

When calculating total wallpaper length, you want to multiply room height by width number needed. The number that you end up with has to be divided by roll length. This is how many wallpaper rolls you require.

Remember that most wallpaper manufacturers are going to have online calculators that you can use in order to determine exactly how many wallpaper rolls you will need for home renovations. Always buy a couple of extra rolls, just in case.

Consider Room Interior Design Elements

interior design wallpaper

The wallpaper will always remain a really important feature inside a room. However, remember that this is just a single element. You will need to focus on the overall interior design and what you want to achieve instead of remaining focused on just wallpaper color or pattern.

All the elements that you add to the design of a room need to complement each other. The same thing goes for wallpaper.