How To Decorate With Quilts

Quilts are normally seen as being a thing of the past and not suitable for modern interior design but that is definitely the case. You can still use these in order to end up with a great design and quilts can be added in most rooms out there. There are different things that can be done and tricks that you can use in order to use a quilt in a contemporary home. Always remember the following.

  • Quilts With Patterns Are Normally Better

The quilt can add a touch of pattern, texture and history to a space or can appear as a really warm detail that you put at the foot of beds or on chair throws. Classic textiles are not at all hard to combine with contemporary designed rooms. Patterns and prints can be great and are normally going to add a little extra that makes the room shine.

  • Geometric Pattern Quilts

Color coordinated geometric patterns normally look great in the modern bedroom because of the fact that it can add interest while not making everything look old-fashioned. You can consider geometric patterns in your quilts.

Transform Quilts Into Statement Pieces

The old quilt can easily end up as a strong statement piece as you hang it on a larger wall. Repurposed options do include placemats, seat cushions and pillows.

Always Have A Balance

Vintage quilts can easily be a really important visual balance element. Subtle traditional elements are now easily added to contemporary spaces. Combining new and old elements is tricky but it can be done in order to make the design look fresh.

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Quilts can be really great in modern design and you can easily try them. You will be able to see quilts used in contemporary design below.