House On The Cliff – Built On A 42 Degree Slope

Architecture is all about being faced with impossible challenges and making them possible one way or another. This is exactly the case with the House On The Cliff (Casa Del Acantilado) in Granada, Spain. GilBartolome Architects managed to do something truly special, building a home on a hillside that has a 42 degrees incline.

As you can see from the images and the video above, we have a wonderful metallic roof and a unique structure that is attractive and mysterious at the same time. Simple glass additions for a stunning effect and a really well-structured plan creates something truly special.


What is really impressive with the House On The Cliff is that it was actually built with a budget that was pretty tight. A lot of manual labor had to be put in instead of using machines. To make matters even more interesting, the interior design features a really large open space that can accommodate a maximum of 70 guests. On the whole, this is one home that we can draw inspiration from.

House on a cliff upper level house ona cliff open space house on a cliff interior design house on a cliff interior design 2 house on a cliff night view house on a cliff balcony view

Photos by Jesus Granada