Common Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

A well preserved Bathroom is the mirror of the entire house. You don’t have to be an expert to create your dream house, but you will sure feel like a professional designer if you manage to avoid some mistakes that are made very frequently. I guess they are right when they say that it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Why make them yourself?

Mistake Number One – When you don’t give enough time to the design process

bathroom design mistakes 01

There is no rush! Take is slowly and be creative, while being efficient. It’s better to pass the deadline with a few days than to complain about the result once it’s done. Don’t skip steps, because most likely you will make bad decisions.

Mistake Number Two – Buy the furniture before checking the measures of the room

bathroom design mistake 02

When you have oversized furniture, you will have the feeling that you suffocate. Any room will seem too small and this rule is applied to bathrooms as well. It is the place where you are supposed to relax and feel comfortable while being in it, so pay attention to the exact space that you have and try to take into consideration this aspect.

Mistake Number Three – Combining the colors

 bathroom design mistake 03

When we think of the color of the bathroom, the first thing that comes up is the walls. The shades of the furniture and any small detail in the bathroom have an important role as well. If you believe you don’t have an eye for that, most furniture shops have matching models that can be really helpful. Keep in mind: don’t be too simple, but don’t exaggerate either. The middle way is always the best. Inappropriate colors or materials can ruin a bathroom. Choose anytime natural colors like beige or sand.

Mistake Number Four – Incorrect lightning

 bathroom design mistake 04

Any project can look good on the dark, that’s for sure. But what happens when you turn on the light? When you think about bathroom design, you can’t forget about this important aspect. Illumination can highlight an idea, but it can also ruin it. You don’t want your bathroom to be too shiny, but in the same time you need to have the proper light.

Mistake Number Five – Incorrect ventilation

Bathroom is the place with the most humidity in the entire house and if you cannot come up with a good solution, your bathroom will turn into steam and rust will begin to appear quickly. Forget about the small windows that you got used to! Replace them with a big window so light can come in and heat can go out fairly easy.

Mistake Number Six – Cheap is not bad

 bathroom design mistake 06

If you don’t have a big budget when renovating your bathroom, better postpone it for a while. If you purchase the cheapest shower cabin with tubs and after a few months it stopped working, don’t be too surprised. It’s better to get a usual one that can offer you safety.

Pay attention to those details if you want a great result. It can be really fulfilling when you managed to turn your bathroom into your own personal place that can offer you comfort, peace and delights. Good taste can always make you feel good and don’t forget that our state of mind depends on the places we are surrounded by.

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