Tips for Designing a Bathroom With Limited Space

With some creativity, even a tight washroom can look luxurious and well-appointed. These clever ideas will push out the limits of small spaces without compromising functionality.

Wall-mounted fixtures like this trough sink have an elegant profile that frees up floor space for storage containers or spare towels, perfect for the modern space where sharp corners might cause hip bruises. It even works well in square rooms where sharp corners might bruise hips!


An efficient bathroom doesn’t need to be large for it to function effectively; its effectiveness relies on how it’s used and designed. With some creativity and flair, even tight spaces can feel just as spacious and luxurious as any other room in your home.

One key decision when decorating is selecting the colors for walls and ceilings. Lighter hues tend to open up space more effectively; for maximum effect light shades such as gray, blue and green work best.

If possible, painting the ceiling a lighter shade than that of the walls will help unify the space by eliminating a visual divide between walls and ceiling.

Make an impactful statement in your small bathroom by adding an accent wall in a color you find pleasing, or consider creating an eye-catching hand-painted mural as a statement piece!

Recessed Storage

When designing a bathroom, it is essential to include elements with a recessed hierarchy to maximize space and create a streamlined aesthetic. Recessed cabinets and shelving can help achieve this aim.

Shelves are an effective solution for bathroom storage, allowing you to create attractive display areas while fulfilling their purpose. They work great in showers or installed above toilets or vanities.

There is an array of styles of recessed shelves available, making it simple to find something that will complement the style and decor of your bathroom. Customizable options such as drawers or doors may make finding one even easier; sleek designs might employ shelves made from the same color as your walls for an uncluttered appearance; to add decorative flair display a row of beautiful vessels or frames pictures as part of an arrangement.

Mirror Cabinets

Mirror cabinets combine storage and mirror features in one unit, saving floor space in smaller bathrooms while creating the impression of more openness and spaciousness. Care should always be taken when planning and placing bathroom cabinet lighting to prevent glare on the mirror surface.

Mirrored medicine cabinets provide an ideal way to store bathroom essentials like shampoo and face cream bottles, first-aid items, toothbrushes and makeup in an orderly and customizable fashion.

Your mirrored cabinet can either be recessed into the wall or surface-mounted onto it. Recessed cabinets tend to be more elegant and contemporary, though require more planning and construction time than surface-mounted alternatives. They may also cost more, but their investment pays dividends when it comes to design and functionality. Consider installing double-door cabinets to maximize storage – especially useful for shared bathrooms as this encourages everyone involved to keep their toiletries to a minimum while decreasing clutter on countertops!

Open Shelving

Cabinets can quickly crowd a space, making tight areas feel cramped and restricting movement. To combat this problem, opt for open storage during your bathroom renovation project; open storage options have become an increasingly popular trend that work great in both large and small bathrooms.

Shelving provides an easy solution for organizing items quickly. By having everything readily visible at once, shelving allows users to find what they are searching for quickly – eliminating that frustrating “I forgot I had this!” moment!

Whenever a wall would benefit from extra storage but is too short for cabinetry, built-in shelves offer the perfect solution. Corner or purpose-built units under sloped ceilings make perfect corner shelves; but you could install these shelves anywhere within your bathroom. Although more costly than standard cabinetry solutions, custom solutions like built-in shelves offer custom fit and clean look which are sure to impress – perfect around bathtubs and showers, as well as over toilets!