Interior Design Tips to Make a Small Room Seem Larger

Do you find yourself in the situation in which your home pace looks tight and you feel constricted? Decorating a small room becomes a challenge because space is always consumed before you are done putting it together and you become all worked up. The big trick is to make the space seem more accommodating even if it is small. The illusion of a larger room can easily be conjured up in this small space by applying simple interior design concepts related to lighting, color and optimal arrangements and creativity in such a way that the mind is tricked into the idea of ample space. Here are a few interior design tips to ease the cramped up room.


The Mirror on the Wall

large window

Mount a large mirror on one wall, preferably a wall opposite to the window where it is in a good position to reflect light throughout the room. This adds warmth and creates the illusion of depth especially in a room where lighting is not brilliant. It will also mirror the view of the window if the window is large and opens up to a good outside view, creating a good virtual extension of the view so the room looks bigger and more spacious for the human mind. A mirror on the long wall of a narrow room also makes it look much wider.

The Curtains

small room curtains

Hanging long curtains by the windows, the sort that flow from ceiling to ground also grips the mind with the idea of vertical elongation. It is also good for these curtains to have enough gathers when drawn to make the room appear taller than it really is. Another idea is leaving small windows uncovered to let in the natural light that well opens up the room and gives it depth.


stripes on floor

Employ the use of stripes on curtains, rugs and carpets. Stripes have a way of virtually increasing the length or width of the object over which they are draped. A horizontal alignment of stripes increases the virtual width while the vertical alignment increases the virtual length. Use vertical stripes on curtains to make the height of the room seem to be increased. For rugs or carpets, orient the stripes so as to correspond to the length of the room and accentuate the length dimension of the room. Interesting stripes can create that visual movement effect in whichever direction, suggesting more space around corners or ceiling to floor.


small room coloring

The color schemes play a big role on the lighting which in turn directly affects the amount of light the room radiates or absorbs. Make your room look bright with light colors such as white or cream. Dark colors absorb more than reflect light and the room looks smaller when these are used. Bright colors on the other hand reflect light and the abundance of light virtually enlarges the room.

Furniture and Decor

small room furniture

Use scaled down furniture in a small room. For couches or beds, it is a good idea to go for those with exposed legs as opposed to those that are covered all the way down since the latter takes up both the virtual and the literal space. Go for large and few decorative pieces instead of many dainty ones so that you might leave certain spaces uncovered.

With these few basic tips the room can be easily transformed and opened to become a radiant little place.