Craftsman Style Homes

If you are looking for a home that is beautiful and unique, you may want to look at craftsman-style homes. These homes are built with a variety of features, including stained glass, low-pitched gable roofs, and overhanging eaves.

Prairie style homes

Prairie-style homes are defined by low-slung horizontal lines and a unique look. They usually feature open-concept floor plans, large windows, flat roofs, and natural materials.

First developed in the early twentieth century, Prairie Style was a defining feature of Midwestern architecture. It was also the first modern style to incorporate elements of art. Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with creating some of the most iconic examples of this style.

The design has since influenced many other popular home styles. This particular style is often seen on homes constructed in the Menomonee Falls area of Wisconsin.

Prairie-style homes are typically designed with brick or stone exteriors, as well as natural wood trim. Natural colors and stains are also used. There are often two or three stories in Prairie-style homes.

Low-pitched gable or hip roof

If you’re considering building a new home or renovating your current one, knowing the difference between gable and hip roofs can help you choose the right type for your property. These types of roofs vary in cost, appearance, and construction. They’re also useful for home extensions and detached garages. In addition, hip and gable styles can help you get discount homeowners insurance. But don’t go for a gable roof if you live in an area where hurricanes or other high winds are common.

Gable roofs are the most popular type of roof in the United States. Typically, they have two slopes and a flat-faced end. This is the part of the roof that sheds water and snow. The slopes extend from the bottom of the eaves to the peak of the ridge.

Large covered front porches

If you are looking to increase your home’s value, you may want to consider adding a covered front porch to your home. Adding a front porch increases your house’s curb appeal, and it also provides a nice outdoor space for you and your family.

Craftsman-style homes feature warm wood accents, low-pitched roofs, and large banks of windows. Whether your style is a bungalow, prairie, or a mission, a covered front porch is a great way to add charm and character to your home.

The craftsman style began in Great Britain with William Morris, who wanted to create an affordable custom home design. Over time, the style became very popular in the United States.

In California, the craftsman style flourished and was often influenced by local tastes. The style is known for its natural exterior colors, stone and wood accents, and exposed beams. It is also known for its low gable roofs, which create a comfortable outdoor living space.

Overhanging eaves

Overhanging eaves are an important element in Craftsman-style homes. They help protect the exterior walls from rain, snow, and other moisture. The overhang also provides a shaded area for the interior of the home.

Eaves can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some styles feature a narrow overhang while others have an open design. Many craftsman-style homes have natural stone eaves. In addition, they feature exposed rafters and beams.

Most Craftsman-style homes have wide overhanging eaves. These overhangs are made of natural materials and they help keep water away from the foundation of the home.

Exposed eaves can allow for air vents. This helps to prevent condensation, which can lead to rot, during warm weather. Also, in addition to providing shelter from the elements, they may also provide a place for security cameras.

Stained glass

When it comes to home design, there is no denying that stained glass can add luxury and privacy to any room. However, when it comes to choosing the right glass for your home, it’s important to consider your tastes and architectural style.

Unlike other forms of glass, stained glass is unique. It combines the luminous quality of light with the aesthetic appeal of color. Whether you want to adorn your dining room, bath, or bedroom with a contemporary or antique piece, there are many choices available.

One of the most popular styles of stained glass is the Prairie Style. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this art form pays homage to the open feeling of the Midwest landscape.

Another major style of stained glass is the Mission Style. Also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, this art form emphasizes geometric shapes and natural colors.