Top 3 Architectural Wonders Of New York City

When it comes to architecture, New York City instantly stands out as a hub for some of the most renowned and historic architectural firms in the entire world. With this in mind, it should be no surprise to notice the fact that the entire city is filled with architectural masterpieces. Let’s not waste much time and just dive right into it, with those buildings that have to be considered as showing the best architecture in NYC.

Empire State Building

Designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, with William F. Lamb as the chief designer, this is by far the most iconic building in NYC, dating back from 1930-1931. Built in an art deco style, with 102 floors, a height of 381 meters and a strong steel frame, the building is fully clad in granite and Indiana limestone. Mullions are lined in aluminum. In total, the building has 6,500 windows and was designed as an office building.

The American Society Of Civil Engineers named the Empire State Building as a wonder of the modern world and it is hard to argue that. In 1986 it was officially designated as a true national historic landmark and in 2007 it was ranked at number one by the AIA as the favorite architecture of America.

Chrysler Building

Designed by William Van Alen and dating back to 1928-1930, the Chrysler Building features art deco design, has 77 floors, a height of 319.5 meters and cost 20 million to be built. This included almost 30,000 tons of steel, around 5000 windows and almost 4 million bricks.

Window rows are enhanced with the use of dark grey brickwork while white brick is used to clad the building. Stainless steel was used to create spire crescent-shaped steps with steel gargoyles present as if they stare right over New York City. Different sculptures that were modeled after automobile radiator caps by Chrysler decorate the setback, together with car wheel ornaments.


The entrance lobby is built in a triangular form and is 3 stories high. It is decorated with the use of Red Moroccan marble walls, blue marble, steel and so much more. Joseph Pell Lombardi and JCS Design Assocs refurbished the lobby in 1978.

Statue Of Liberty

Some will argue about the presence of the Statue of Liberty on the list but this masterpiece built in 1884 by sculptor Auguste Frederic Bartholdi, with Gustave Eiffel as the structural engineer is a true marvel. Its style is neoclassical realistic with a construction that features copper cladding over an iron frame.

One interesting fact few are aware of is that the original name of the statue is Liberty Enlightening the World. It was a gift from France and represents the friendship between France and America. The structural designer, just as the name implies, is the same person that is responsible for the Eiffel Tower.