Creating a Vintage Or Retro Bathroom Design With Vintage Fixtures and Accessories

Create a vintage or retro bathroom design for an eye-catching space in your home. There are many ways to achieve this look, but one of the best is by incorporating vintage fixtures and accessories.

These fixtures are both functional and beautiful in their own right, sure to add a unique flair to your vintage bathroom! Not only will they brighten up the room, but they’re an excellent addition to any decor!

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink is a timeless bathroom fixture that’s back in fashion. Not only is it stylish and practical, but it can be quite a space-saver too!

In the early 20th century, pedestal sinks were a popular choice for small bathrooms due to their minimal footprint and ease of installation.

But as living standards improved and more people had larger homes with more storage, pedestal sinks were replaced by bathroom vanity cabinets featuring built-in sinks.

Pedestal sinks are an ideal addition to a vintage or retro bathroom design, as they can be used in various styles of bathrooms. Generally made from vitreous china with traditional designs woven into them, pedestal sinks offer plenty of possibilities when choosing your design.

They come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials. For instance, you can find stainless steel and glass pedestal sinks or ones made from cast resin or polystone that feature creative profiles. Or you may prefer a more classic ceramic pedestal sink that will complement any decor theme.

Towel Bars

When designing a vintage or retro bathroom design, towel bars are an essential component that should be taken into account. These fixtures come in various styles, brands, and finishes that will seamlessly integrate with any bathroom decor.

Shelves are highly functional, especially when it comes to hanging towels. Available either freestanding or wall mounted, they’re perfect for any type of bathroom design.

Towel rings are another popular solution for holding hand towels. They’re often kept next to the sink, but can also be used in other locations.

Heated towel racks are an excellent choice for any bathroom, as they allow you to hang multiple towels simultaneously, giving you more options when shopping for a new one.

Wallpaper can be a great way to give a vintage bathroom some personality. There are various styles, colors, and patterns available and most of the time they won’t be visible from outside your house.

Glass Soap Dispensers

A soap dispenser is an essential element of any bathroom design. They’re easy to maintain and help keep your vanity organized and spotless.

Glass soap dispensers add a stunning touch to any bathroom design and come in various styles. Not only do they dispense liquid hand soap and lotion, but their longevity as bathroom furniture means you’ll have it for years to come!

These glass soap dispensers are a popular choice for vintage bathrooms, as they can easily be matched with other vintage accessories. Pairing them with brass or copper fittings creates an aesthetically-consistent look throughout the bathroom.

Converting your bathroom into a vintage or retro aesthetic can be an enjoyable and rewarding project for anyone. With some careful planning and some vintage fixtures, you can instantly turn your bath into an inviting haven that will last forever!

Lighting Fixtures

When designing a vintage or retro bathroom, choose lighting fixtures that complement the style. Metal lighting from old farmhouses or industrial eras is often ideal.

Gleaming metals, sharp angles, and rounded shapes are all popular design elements that fit well in a vintage or retro bathroom design. You may also opt for a milk glass if you’re feeling nostalgic or want to add an air of whimsy.

A solid brass double sconce illuminates the room, adding a glamorous yet charming element that ties together the overall aesthetic. A slanted mirror and small artwork complete the retro aesthetic.

This bathroom showcases an avocado green sink, a classic fixture that can be brought back to life in today’s home. If you’re searching for more authentic antique decor, consider investing in a pedestal sink and matching taps.