Maximizing Small Bathroom Spaces With Space-Saving Design Solutions

If your bathroom is small or you’re considering renovating it, there are plenty of space-saving design solutions that will make the space appear larger.

The key to effective bathroom organization is finding ways to utilize every inch of space while keeping it tidy and organized. Some simple solutions for keeping your bathroom clutter-free include shelving beneath the sink, a cart, or new hooks and hangers.

1. Add a Mirror

One of the best ways to make use of limited bathroom space is by adding mirrors. Not only do they reflect natural light, but they also stretch their width and depth, giving off a feeling of spaciousness.

If you’re short on wall space, a frameless mirror can be an ideal choice for your bathroom design. It keeps the atmosphere open and uncluttered while still providing full-length reflection.

Another creative bathroom storage idea is to build a built-in medicine cabinet into your wall space. This will provide convenient storage for items like face wash and contact solution, as well as makeup brushes and razor blade refills.

2. Add a Built-In Nook

Add a built-in nook to your bathroom for maximum space efficiency and organization. These typically sit in unused corners or near the shower or tub.

No matter if you choose a freestanding unit or wall-mounted shelves, this stylish storage solution for bathroom essentials can make the room appear larger and cozier to use.

A sleek glass display case provides extra towels, while a basket on top keeps toilet paper or other personal care items handy at arm’s reach.

Leanne Ford Interiors’ industrial farmhouse bathroom features a decorative magnet board to store and organize makeup. Shelves suspended from long double C hooks and eye bolts add further charm to the space, too.

3. Add a Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves are a versatile and stylish storage and display solution that works well in many rooms. Add them to the living room as decor, in the kitchen to conveniently store items, or in the bathroom to add extra storage without taking up too much room.

This ladder shelf transitions from a spacious storage area at the base to narrow display options at the top, making it perfect for bathrooms and other small areas.

These shelves come in an array of styles and finishes, from the classic wood or bamboo design to a contemporary white or grey look. Some even boast built-in shelving for even greater display possibilities.

4. Add a Recessed Cabinet

Add a recessed cabinet to your bathroom space for maximum efficiency. Placed near the sink, this cabinet provides handy storage for first aid supplies, medication, and other daily essentials.

This type of cabinet can be an ideal addition to any bathroom. Unfortunately, it takes up a lot of space and may need professional installation in order to be installed correctly.

5. Add Built-In Storage

Installing built-in storage in your bathroom can be an excellent way to maximize space. They can be installed behind the sink or under a shower, providing convenient places for soaps, towels, and other bathroom essentials.

For a sleeker look, add recessed shelving to the wall. These shelves fit flush against the wall and neatly line up.

Add some flair to your room by painting the shutters a contrasting color.

Other clever bathroom storage ideas involve using tall woven baskets or wooden crates to keep folded hand towels and toilet rolls off the floor. You could also repurpose mason jars to store shampoo, conditioner, and other toiletries in an attractive yet practical manner.