Creating The Perfect Living Design

Here are a few tips on creating a design that lasts while taking use of some natural materials, vertical gardens and even plants.

  1. Evaluate your space

First of all you will need to evaluate your space. You should think if your space is north or south facing and make changes according to this. Do you want to build play areas, seating or dining ones? Just ask these questions first before starting creating the prefect living design. Lighting should be the key when making the perfect living design. You can also add water as a decorative feature if you want.

  1. Maintenance

When you are dealing with foliage, maintenance is a must. You will certainly need to invest in some items that will need replacement. If you don`t want to assign a long amount of time into maintenance than you should carefully choose your plants. Go with the easy maintenance plants because they won`t require you to spend a long period of time in making the best out of your living design. You can add a touch of art if you decide to use sea shells to your designs. Rocks are also a great way to make your design stand out.

  1. Color Palette

Choose the right colors and textures when coming up with your interior design ideas. Getting pots that have the same color as your plants while taking advantage of the green background can make a really big impact to your living design. Yellow pots will give the impression of sunshine and also freshness. The blue color will remind you of water or even the sky. This color has a calming effect and you should keep this in mind. A relaxing atmosphere can easily be created by choosing colors such as tan, beige and even white.

  1. Nature, Scents and Texture

Fresh air and natural light should be an important part of your living design. Don`t omit these elements because they come in great handy. You can choose different fabrics such as wicker, hemp or even rattan. These fabrics will emit the perfect atmosphere because they will give the natural feeling. They are eco-friendly materials and they make the perfect addition to any living design.

It may turn out to be a challenging experience to execute the perfect living design. You will firstly have to start with a plan, and after that you will need to answer some questions in order to have an idea from where to start.

Making the perfect living design may require you some knowledge but it can be a pretty rewarding experience to try out. You will be able to make a truly special place in which you can relax or have fun with your kids or with your friends.

Keep in mind that if you don`t have enough time to maintain your plants, you will have the possibility to choose some lower maintenance plants in order to fulfill your needs. These plants will certainly be a perfect thing for your living design.