Things To Know About Your Gas Central Heating System

In this article I am going to help you out by responding to some of your questions regarding the Gas Central Heating System.

Is it a good idea to always leave the hot water and heating on?

This is a common misconception. A lot of people think that by leaving the hot water and heating on will mean that they will save some money. The cost of the boiler to reheat the water is greatly exceeded by the cost of always keeping your boiler on. Using more power when starting is quite normal, in a lot of things such as ovens or cars, but keeping them on 24 hours/day isn`t recommended and can lead to really high prices.

It is cheaper to have my hot water on?

A full tank of hot water will always loose heat and this means, you will need more power to keep the water hot. You will spend a great amount of money to do so and you certainly don`t want that. The best thing you can do is to open the boiler only when you need hot water. It will only take 30-40 minutes for the water in the boiler to be heated.

Should I leave my electric immersion heater on 24/7?

This isn`t a good idea. You may use your electric immersion heater to heat your hot water in the summer when you don`t need the boiler to heat the radiators.

How can I solve the on and off problem that my boiler has?

When your hot water and your heater is one the boiler will fire up. If you usually use a thermostat, when the thermostat is warm enough the firing up will stop. When the temperature drops, the thermostat will tell the heater to fire up again and it will start pumping the water into radiators.

Is it higher setting better?

Turning the room thermostat to a high setting isn`t a good idea and won`t heat the room quicker. It will only heat it to a higher temperature.

Is it right to turn off other radiators in rooms that you don`t use?

If you don`t use some rooms it isn`t a good idea to turn off the radiators in them. Condensation may occur if you do so. Experts recommend you to keep the TRVs on in all rooms to a 1 or 2 setting and just set higher the one in the room that you usually stay.

I don`t use the bedrooms, should I turn the radiators off?

Just turn them to a low setting because condensation may appear in these bedrooms. You can close the doors of these bedrooms in order to prevent them from draining heat from the rest of the house.

Why the radiator in the living room has gone cool?

When the TRV senses that the radiator is warm enough it closes the pipe and stops hot water flowing in the radiator. When the room cools down, the TRV opens the pipe and hot water flows back in the radiator.