Green Home Building Tips To Remember

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to conform to really strict requirements if you want to make your home as green as possible. Dropping green technology costs help you to make the house a really popular investment and we are faced with a clear increase in popularity of the eco-friendly movement.

What you can so easily do right now is to make your current home greener. This is possible through various different steps that are not at all difficult to take. At the same time, there are different green home building ideas that can be considered.

Build Smaller

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The environmental impact of a smaller home is always smaller than with a larger home. The problem is that many believe that a small home automatically means comfort is not great. This is completely incorrect. There are countless really tiny homes that are just incredible.

The smaller homes are popular due to reduced maintenance, increased efficiency and a lower environmental impact. You can build them both in the rural and urban settings. Basically, the idea is to design the home based on your current lifestyle so you can keep everything cost effective and manageable.

Cool The Roof

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Roofing material will always be dramatic when referring to energy efficiency. Try to find products that will reflect the energy of the sun and that cools faster. A material that is capable of holding in heat for a lower period of time helps a lot to reduce energy costs. Some of the options you can consider include metal roofing, special membranes, white tiles, terra cotta and slate.

Obviously, you can also consider living roofs. They can look stunning even in residential homes, not just where they are usually built, in the commercial buildings.

Go Solar

photocell boards – Image From: MIT

The very best source of low-cost, clean energy is the sun. As you build a home, you have a wonderful opportunity to actually plan for the use of solar power. If you own an older home, this is impossible or very, very costly.

Many different things can help you take advantage of solar power as you build the home, including placement and how the roof is oriented. If you combine solar power with other building ideas that are eco-friendly, you can end up with huge savings in the long run.


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There are so many options available when looking for green homes but the use of recycled materials is something that is really affordable. For instance, you can opt for total-fill insulation that is made out of recycled materials. This helps a lot as you save money as time passes, all thanks to insulation products that are even better than standard first-use insulation. Some of the materials that you can consider are soybean byproducts, wood pulp, wool and cotton. You can also opt for reclaimed woods and even countertops that are made out of soda cans, aluminum and recycled steel.

Don’t Forget About Water

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More and more people from around the world realize how important fresh water conservation and consumption are for the environment. This is why water consumption is reduced. You can always consider the use of appliances and fixtures that are conserving water, like tankless water heaters, Energy Star rated washers and low flow faucet aerators.