How to Incorporate Plants Into Bathroom Design

Bathrooms provide ideal conditions for plants, with their filtered lighting and high humidity levels providing an environment where self-care and relaxation can flourish. By selecting appropriate plants and creative displays, a tropical look can be achieved, encouraging self-care and relaxation.

Hanging planters are an efficient way to add greenery without taking up much room. Choose trailing plants like string of pearl and heartleaf philodendron for an eye-catching cascading effect.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are an eye-catching and comfortable way to add plants into a bathroom design, adding natural elements while simultaneously making an impressionful statement about your taste in decor. When selecting plants that will thrive in humid and temperature conditions, choose ones such as golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as devil’s ivy), which does not require direct sunlight while being suitable for humid environments.

Ferns and trailing plants like heartleaf philodendron can create stunning visual displays when placed in small upturned planters to fill empty space and add texture without taking up too much floor space. You could also decorate your windowsill with air-purifying succulents and cacti such as haworthia or echeveria; these succulents prefer bright, indirect lighting without much watering needed; aloe vera thrives well under humid bathroom conditions too.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide the perfect place for decorative greenery in a bathroom, or can even act as the basis of an entire plant wall. Easy to install and customize to any decor scheme – floating shelves make an elegant statement about your taste!

Shelves can be an effective way to showcase plants or store decorative elements like candle holders, photo frames and heavy glass canisters that hold your bath supplies. Minimalist styles like those from Kate Marker Interiors work well with various bathroom colors and materials including brass finishes.

Consider choosing plants that don’t require much light, like sansevieria or English ivy, for your bathroom shelving design. These low-light options are an ideal solution in bathrooms without windows or natural lighting as they thrive in humid environments and don’t suffer if neglected from time to time. Taller options like calathea offer tropical flair as well!


Bring nature into your bathroom decorating by placing plants in glass terrariums. Not only are these beautiful decorative elements easy to maintain and add a natural aesthetic, they’re great for small bathrooms as they take up minimal space – displaying air plants, succulents, or ferns could add visual interest as well as functionality!

Bathroom plants that thrive without much light and humidity include Sansevieria (mother-in-law’s tongue), bamboo plants that do well in humid environments, and various varieties of ferns.

Popular choices for bathrooms include plants that help refresh the air, such as spider plants, golden pothos, and peace lily; these freshen the atmosphere by emitting oxygen while clearing away formaldehydes from the air. Aloe vera is another excellent selection that requires little water yet thrives even in damp environments.

Plant Stands

If your space doesn’t accommodate hanging planters, consider filling empty corners with plants in stand-alone pots instead of hanging planters. Or make use of window frame space by planting cascading trailing plants such as ivy or heartleaf philodendron that cascade down over them.

Add some tropical flair and colour to your bathroom with Bird of Paradise or Peacock Plants (pictured), both of which thrive in high humidity levels and bring an eye-catching splash of green to any space.

Plants not only look gorgeous; they’re also beneficial to our air by producing oxygen and filtering out harmful toxins. By adding greenery into your bathroom design, you can easily create an oasis of relaxation for self-care.