Crosby Loft by Crosby Studios

Crosby Studios was founded by Harry Nuriev. It was him that worked on this Crosby Loft, practically bringing the dream space he wanted as a child to life.

We are looking at an open studio apartment of 57 square meters that is a pleasant surprise when you get inside due to how strong the color is. Harry practically wanted to make this space his very first that was available for rent. People could rent it for events, short stays or meetings. People can thus see his specific design language.

The space is divided into 2 areas:

  • The main zone – With the bedroom and the living room
  • A zone for utilities, bathroom, wardrobe, kitchen and so on

In the utility zone walls are not touching the ceiling. This offers the feeling of a sculpture, just as if you were inside of a shop. The main material used was concrete. This was a great choice as it perfectly complements the blue domination.

The broken tiles that you see and that cover the utility wall is special as it is a classic and unique Russian print, Gzhel. The signature blue color was put all throughout the Crosby Loft.

According to Nuriev, the color is memorisable and offers calmness. We thus see blue also featured in the furniture and even in the kitchen. The print was reimagined so that it includes blue. Also, the Gzhel was also added as a small print on stools and the sofa.

As you can easily notice, the main attraction of the space is the unique circular bed frame. It was inspired by Louis Kahn’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library.

Photographs by Mikhail Loskutov

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