5 Stunning Shipping Container Homes You Will Love

Shipping container homes are much more popular than what many think at the moment. They do offer a fulfillment of so many current design wishes: low clutter, simple living, recycling, budget building and even the opportunity of doing something totally different than what most people choose. Most of the shipping container homes you would opt for would be jaw dropping and will make your neighbors look at you with envy.

Shipping container homes are normally low maintenance and quite fireproof. You can easily “build” the home wherever you want and there is not even a need to dig a foundation. The smaller container homes will be movable, allowing you to take them with you when you move without the huge expenses associated with regular villa transfer. To make matters even more interesting, you can use modular design. This means that you can stack as many as you want in order to create a structure that is unique, as you will instantly notice with some of the larger homes below.

While there are literally hundreds of shipping container homes that were already featured, we only chose 5 for today. Each of them had something special we loved.

artistic shipping container made home
Creating a totally unique structure with shipping containers is easier than ever at prices that are highly affordable. Remember that one shipping container is normally just around $2,000.
Full Villa made out of shipping containers
Modular design allows you to stack shipping containers, creating floors with ease.
light matters shipping container home
Adding mirrors or windows with an exterior mirror finish creates this great effect.
arte nomad shipping container
Do you want a terrace? Look how easy it is to build it around a shipping container home.
yellow shipping container home
The simplest possible shipping container home design is still beautiful and attractive.