Decorating Your Living Room

Cleaning a living room shouldn`t be a problem if you will follow the steps in this article. First of all you need to know that there are a lot of ways to make your living room look better. Depending on how you are using your living room, you can choose the steps here. You can play music while you are cleaning so you will make the activity much more appealing.

  1. Play music

You will enjoy all of the cleaning activities if you play some music while you are doing them. The music will help you in getting motivated so you will finish the job faster.

  1. Clearing the clutter

You will need to remove the clutter from the room. Simply start removing it by throwing everything you don`t need to the trash. This will give you a visible start and you will finish with this part pretty soon.

  1. Put away items

If some of your items don`t belong to the living room, put them away. You can gather all of the unneeded stuff in a box and put it all away at once.

  1. Remove dust from your ceiling

You should do this before cleaning your floor because all of the debris will fall down on the floor and you will need to clean it again.

  1. Clean the couches

Couches and chairs also need cleaning. You will have to remove crumbs, lint and dust from them too. Don`t forget to do this so the room will be tidy.

  1. Shelve books

Another thing you need to do is to shelve books. They can easily create a mess and this is why you should pay attention to your books too.

  1. Wet Rag

A wet rag can be used in order to clean your surfaces. You can clean things like your TV, desks and even tables. The window seal can also be cleaned with these rags. Use a duster or a cloth to get the cleaning process going.

  1. Vacuum

Don`t forget to vacuum rooms. If you have rugs and carpets in your room, don`t forget to vacuum them regularly to remove the dust.

  1. Open windows

Just open the windows to air your room up. You will let fresh air in while doing so and some of the dust will go out.

  1. Clean spots

You should also clean the spots on your carpets. You can easily do that with a wet rug.

  1. Air fresheners

They are a great addition to any room and the will be exactly what you need in order to enrich your room with some fresh air. You can use the perfume you never use or you can make your own air freshener recipe if you don`t want to buy an air freshener from the store.

  1. Under the couch cleaning

Don`t forget to clean under the couch because this is the place where a lot of dust gets in. You can use the vacuum with a narrow stick attachment to it in order to get the job done.