Making Your Living Room Look Bigger In A Few Minutes

spacious living room

Living room decorating seems simple but you have to commit to an appearance for a minimum of one season. Home furnishings are expensive and you surely do not want to often make changes. Fortunately, just as with clothes, some minor and fast modifications can so easily lead to much more space and a more polished look.

If you want your living room to seem bigger, the tricks below will help you to do exactly that. You will gain some inches or you will just create the illusion of more space. No matter the case, it makes living room decorating a lot of fun.

Take Advantage Of Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors can do wonders in a living room. One of the best things you could do is to put a large one right opposite the windows. This makes the living room seem a lot larger than it actually is. Optical illusions are wonderful for these rooms.

Mirrors are great as they throw light all throughout a space. Simply put, this opens up the entire room. In a similar way, you could use lucite and glass furniture for some similar effects.

Undress Windows

Curtains are common in living rooms but they can easily feel heavy and dark. This is why you want to let the sun shine in. Use lighter drapery fabrics. Do not use opaque options. Alternatively, you can simply forgo the window treatments. Natural light will enter the living room and you will end up with an appearance that is bigger and brighter.

Move Furniture From The Wall

This is one of the simplest things that you could do. Just move the furniture from the walls for only some inches. This includes chairs, bookcases and sofas. Whenever you do this you get a lot of breathing room. The room ends up feeling airier and less cramped.

Work With The Walls

Most homeowners believe that nothing can be done when ceilings are not high. This is not the case. You can easily fake this. Just mount shelves or art in the top half part of the wall.

When you use the upper part of the wall for decorations, the eyes of your guests will move upward. There is no need to have major constructions in place to create this effect. Mount curtain rods higher than window frames to make it seem as if you have even more space.

Go For Minimalism

Minimalism is quite popular at the moment when it comes to interior design. With this in mind, remove the books that you do not read or the furniture that is just useless. Try to go for larger, fewer objects, even if the space is small. If you can clear off your tabletops and surfaces, the room ends up looking bigger.

Remove Cords

You need to quickly get rid of all your electrical wires since they make everything seem better in a really short timeframe. You just need ten minutes to install a really trendy raceway with some drywall screws. Take some eye hooks and zip ties to control the cables around entertainment centers and consider a charging station when you do not want to do some DYI work.

Stripes Help

Vertical stripes, that is. They are slimming as they elongate a silhouette. Just as with clothes, striped curtains or striped rugs elongate your room. You just have to be sure that the lines will run vertically. This maximizes the elongating effect while using minimal effort.

As you can see, it is not that hard to make your living room larger in just minutes, all without having to make major changes. All the tips above will help, even if your living room is really small.