Dyson’s Lightcycle Morph – Lasts 60 Years And Matches Your Mood

Dyson Lightcycle Morph

The Lightcycle Morph is a really interesting Dyson lamp that offers much more than you initially think, which is exactly what you would expect from Dyson. Just like Lightcycle, which was introduced to the market last year, the lamp can automatically adjust in order to offer an ideal lighting, all based on activity, surroundings and age.

Jake Dyson described this light as a special “lighting system that supports your body clock”. It is a true smart lamp that uses a Daylight Tracking algorithm. Dyson said:

“When you’re near the light, this tells it where you are geographically and it gives you the precise wavelength of light that is expected where you are. If you’re in London, the wavelength of light will be different from Brighton or Bristol or Slough. It’s that precise.”

Lightcycle Morph includes 3 axes so it can morph into various different lamp types. The user can swivel the lamp’s head in order to get indirect lighting as light bounces from walls. When you point it downwards, it offers great light for reading. When you point it upwards, you can highlight art. You can also utilize a beautiful ambient light feature that practically mimics a candlelight, thus offering an orange, warm glow.

Dyson Lightcycle Morph 2

The age of the user is taken into account by Morph. For instance, the lamp will offer around 4 times more illumination when you are 65 than when you are 20. Preset modes also exist. Some are great for sleeping and others are great for studying, among others. Manual controls also exist for dimming and color temperature.

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Those interested can buy the Lightcycle Morph by Dyson for $650 for the desk model and $850 for the floor model. This is pricey but when you factor in the fact that the new Dyson lamp can last a maximum of 60 years because of the special copper rod cooling system used, it might be a steal.

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