Rocking Nest Chair Reimagined Thanks To Young Danish Designer Work

Anker Bak, Copenhagen-based, created a brand new type of rocking chair that features minimalist design and the traditional materials. The official presentation can be seen here. It is practically the very first collaboration with Carl Hansen & Son for the New York showroom the Danish furniture manufacturer opened.

From the moment you look at the rocking chair it is clear that something is different as the shape is oval. The shell includes soft and stitched canvas and leather. The framework is soli d wood and steel struts are joined to it. This is important since chairs can easily fold to be stored.

This chair is visually stunning thanks to the combination of wood and steel. Canvas and leather just soften the design. Due to the chair’s size, a small home is best suited.


Anker Bak has a strong background in cabinetmaking and carpentry. This made Bak move towards furniture design. Bak’s traditional skills were paired with a modern personal approach, combined with Danish design traditional reinterpretation. Speaking about the chair, Bak stated:

“Form and function are equally important, and I always place strong emphasis on the construction – here, Hans J Wegner has been the best possible teacher and source of inspiration. Like Wegner, I’m also very inspired by simple Shaker designs.”