Flat Roof Advantages And Disadvantages

Flat roofs are not always preferred because they do not look glamorous. However, they do have some pretty interesting advantages that you do want to be aware of. If you know the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs, you can make a much more informed choice.

Advantages Of Having Flat Roofs

  • Flat Roofs Are Cost-Effective

Expense stands out as one of the main advantages of flat roofs. Right from building to complete install, materials used are quite cheap. Flat roof insulation usually costs around 80 cents per square foot, which is a lot less than alternatives.


The convenience of price also extends to maintenance. You have to deal with cheaper labor costs and the installation will take less time. Fewer repair and damage costs are going to appear. In the future, if you want to install some things like satellites or solar panels, it is so much easier to get the job done due to the flat surface of the roof.

  • Gaining Extra Space

Since the roof becomes flat, it can be used for other things. For instance, you can add an air conditioning unit right there instead of having to put it on the ground. Even solar racking is better when installed on flat roofs since it is much less evident than alternatives.

The space that you get on your roof can easily become a living roof if this is what you prefer. Alternatively, build a beautiful outdoor lounge to get a barbecue going or to relax. Some even get gardens.

  • Interior Space Becomes More Versatile

This is an advantage that few people know about. The finished attics and top floor apartments give you access to a maximum interior space since you do not have to deal with the slopes created by the traditional roofs.

  • Increased Accessibility

The flat roof is so much more accessible than the sloped roof. It is very easy to climb and inspect the area. If you go on a sloped roof, it can be quite dangerous.

The flat roof is pretty interesting even from an architectural point of view. When the right setting is in place, it is easy to maintain the roof and you will surely appreciate the extra space gained.

Disadvantages Of Having Flat Roofs

  • Stability

The stability of the flat roof decreases when areas increase. The industrial businesses and buildings with flat roofs need to deal with the weight that is put on the interior.

  • Material Scarcity

It is harder to find materials for flat roofs. You cannot choose out of many options. In most cases, you opt for rolled roofing. The material that is often installed is TPO, bitumen, rubber, EPOM or thermoplastic polyolefin. All of these are cheap and can be installed with ease.

  • Limited Lifespan

The flat roof has a limited lifespan. Total life expectancy is under 15 years. Newer materials are more and more available at the moment but they are much more expensive. We do not know how long new materials like polycarbonate and PVC will last.

  • Draining

This has to be considered as being the biggest disadvantage of having a flat roof. Any flat roof will have drainage that is less effective when compared with the roof that has a pitch. Water puddles and remains on the floor of the roof. Breakdowns can so easily appear so added mechanisms are needed to address a proper drainage. The needed water removal options are expensive and time-consuming.

In order for the flat roof to have high integrity, proper sealing is needed. Coating has to be regularly tested to be sure no leaks are present. Always contact roof repair specialists if the damage you see is too much.