French Interior Design Style – Dress up your home the chic French Way!

This particular style of interior design is considered to be classy and elegant all around the world. The French culture is known for its finances and incorporation of ruffles, woodwork and mixed patterns. There are some people who avoid the fancy Parisian style because it shouts opulence, however, there are many examples of combinations that are simple, stylish and really appealing to the human eye, without appearing to be snob.


French Interior Design

The first thing you should know is that the look is casual, it’s cozy and fuss-free. The beauty of the French interior design style is the authentic approach and the fact that it looks like one of the homes at the countryside. The colors are cheerful, easy and the style can be applied to any kind of home, without spending enormous sums of money.



When it comes to the furniture used in order to get a French style in your home, the emphasis is on the simple and yet elegant types of furniture. In the last couple of years, there has been a huge demand for old-fashioned pieces of furniture. There are people who search for chairs, drawers, wardrobes and even beds that have been in use for generations. It’s that rustic touch that makes the furniture valuable and appealing. Dark woods are very commonly used, but this is something that depends on taste, rather than a certain rule.


French Interior Design 2

Believe it or not, color is the center of any interior design plan, but also, it depends on the taste of the home owner as well.  The most popular colors are bright yellows or even gold, rusty red, light blue, pink and lavender and even foamy greens. These colors give a powerful sense of brightness and cheerfulness giving a positive touch to the rooms. The French style is all about creating powerful contrasts and by using light colors for the room and dark colors for the furniture, you can actually create a powerful impact on the person who enters in the room.


French Interior Design 4

Cloth is one of the most popular fabrics used in the French style. Usually, it’s white or beige with patterns or pictures that repeat themselves and the most popular elements illustrated in the design are nature landscapes, couples, churches, street scenes and Paris. The colors used for the print are important as well because they need to look good in combination with the entire scene. The ones that work well with everything are red and blue, but green, black and brown are popular as well.


It might sound like a huge cliché, but one of the most famous motives in the French style is the chandelier. It might seem a little snob and tacky, but it’s a sign of elegance and you can choose one that looks incredible above your dining table or in the living room. It gives a sense of the Parisian homes in the 1900s and you don’t even have to spend a large amount of money on it. There are antique shops or even second hand websites that offer this types of furniture at a fair price.

To conclude, having a French interior design is all about the details and the elegant combination between all the elements in the room.