Stunning Storage Container Home

Owning your own home is a goal for most people and the common problem mention is usually that they are so expensive. What should be remembered is that there are always some options available. Storage container homes are one option. The only problem with them is the misconception that living conditions are horrible. This just appears because of the size of such a home. The beauty of interior design is that it can transform any small space into a wonderful home.

A storage container home costs less than what many think. The one we talk about at the moment was available on eBay through auction at a maximum price of $50,000. Based on your budget, you can make your storage home as great as possible while not making many sacrifices.


With this storage container home we are not initially impressed. From the outside there are not many things that will draw you towards the inside. Once you get in, you are instantly surprised by the wood paneled floors, really tall ceilings and wood panel walls. The entire floor plan offers a lot of space.

A kitchen that is fully equipped is available. The bedroom is small but really comfortable to live in. Mirrors and even hanging lighting are added in order to make the space feel more spacious. We particularly appreciated the use of tiny shelves instead of bedside tables to gain storage space and not cover the floor with items that are not really needed.

On the whole, this red storage home is a great example of what the nomadic lifestyle can be these days. This is a totally comfortable house with everything that you need and that can be moved to wherever you want.