Guoshi Luxury SPA Resort by Challenge Design

Guoshi Luxury SPA Resort

The Guoshi Luxury SPA Resort was the result of the great work by Challenge Design, China, with a project that follows the simplicity and beauty of nature. Basically, this is a luxury spa that looks great and is simple while also being quite complex in terms of design.


Covering 400 square meters, the Guoshi Luxury SPA Resort can be found in Fuzhou, in Luozhou Town, which is renowned for its hot springs. The project features seven alleys and 3 lanes in the north, being perfectly located right in the north of Luozhou. Its base is made out of 3 plots.

The main theme of the spa is oriental culture. This goes way beyond functional pursuits and chosen materials. Spatial attributes are market with culture.

An oriental garden is normally small, exquisite, mysterious, lonely, profound and abstracted. The spa resort is located right in such a garden, with buildings maintain tranquility, which is borrowed from natural scenery.

Oriental culture is about stillness, clarity, respect and harmony. The Guoshi Luxury SPA Resort takes in the traditional Luozhou architecture, with the ancient town being the base texture used. Then, courtyards were added to create a symmetrical layout. All was done with modern techniques, like what was utilized to create the sloping roofs. Broken lines were used to create 5 slopes. Then, an opening was present at the rooftop.

In the VIP SPA room, there is a very private space present, one with its own lower rooftop. This area presents stillness and dynamism that perfectly complement each other.

Outdoor and indoor spaces are divided with the use of wooden fences and glass. This guides sight and forms 3 framed scenery sets, including mountains located in the north.

The neighborhood where the luxury spa is located is noisy but this instantly changes when you walk in. Even the finishing that was applied to outdoor areas was carefully chosen in order to maintain a sense of quietness.

Photographs: Terrence Zhang