Penguin-Themed Egg Boiler And Holder

Penguin egg-holder

Do you like penguins and boiled eggs?

If so, this lovely egg-holder and boiler is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. It has an obvious penguin theme and was designed by Lilach Greenblatt and Maya Sarfati from Peleg Design. The name of this lovely item? “Egguins”

Use this nifty little kitchen “gadget” to hold or/and boil 6 eggs at the same time.


The tool is made out of food-safe plastic that is heat-resistant. Egguins easily stands out as an innovative way to boil, store and even serve eggs.

When you do not have eggs in Egguins, you see the actual shape, which is practically a circle with hollow penguins. In order to use the tool you just add eggs. This actually completes the design as it makes the penguins actually look like penguins. You will, most likely, have to use Egguins at least to store eggs to look great.

Take a sauce pan and add water. Make sure the water is boiling and add the Egguins. This is all that you have to do to boil your eggs. Just leave the tool inside the water to boil to the hardness or softness you want.

If you do not want to boil eggs, you can simply use Egguins for storage purposes. Like in one of the pictures below.