Here’s what to look for when buying a kitchen table

Furniture is a central part of every room and ultimately defines the look and feel of every home. Kitchen furniture, in particular, serves a more practical purpose and should be chosen carefully. You should pick each piece with enough consideration to its utility and appeal.

A kitchen table is usually a significant component of most kitchens. Unlike the dining table, it is used more often and provides a supportive working surface for daily kitchen activities. It would be best to consider several factors, including construction, durability, and support while purchasing yours.

This article explores the uses of a kitchen table, the differences from a dining table, and some of the most important factors you should consider before buying one. Read on for more information!

Kitchen Table Vs. Dining Table

In some homes, one table is located in or near the kitchen space, which substitutes for both kitchen and dining tables. In other cases, however, there are separate tables for use in the kitchen and for dining.

A kitchen table is usually located in the kitchen area. It is commonly used for quick and informal dining, meal preparation, and any other kitchen function requiring table support.

On the other hand, a dining table is made for fine dining and is usually located in the dining room or section of the house. It also serves a central aesthetic and is often crafted to add style to the interior.

Kitchen tables are often made strong with robust materials and solid construction as they are meant to withstand periods of wear. They usually have dings and chips that reflect the general personality of the family. On the other hand, a dining table is kept looking immaculate and is rarely used except in formal dining. It is often made with solid wood for elegance and comes with a matching set of dining seats.

Types of Kitchen Tables

  1. Breakfast nook – This is a type of kitchen table that is best used in small corners. It is often small and is ideal for a family with few members.
  2. Granite table-top – Granite is a reasonably stylish addition to your kitchen and is very strong and long-lasting, the exact combination of features you want for a kitchen table. They are, however, quite a bit heavy and could be better if you would like to be able to move your table around often.
  3. Bistro-style – A bistro kitchen table often has a glass top and wooden/metal legs. They are also usually available with a matching set of bar stools. Although a little delicate, they are pretty stylish and can add a casual bistro look to your kitchen, especially if you have lots of natural light.
  4. Farmhouse kitchen table – These are characteristically country-style with a solid wooden build. They can be painted and styled easily and are ideal for big families.
  5. Custom style – A custom kitchen table has a unique style that suits an individual’s specific style. It could be made from a combination of materials and mirror one or more styles, such as metallic, rustic, or minimalist. Custom pieces are usually a bit more expensive when ordered, but you can also find unique designs in second-hand stores.

Factors to consider when buying a kitchen table

Style and Design

While a kitchen table serves more purpose as a functional unit, it is equally important that it matches your kitchen style. It could stick out rather sorely if every other aspect of the kitchen is well-styled and color-matched except for the table.

For a minimalist design, consider small custom units such as the bistro-style table described above. These take up minimal space and serve a simple, elegant look. A farmhouse kitchen-style table may be a great idea if you want a country feel with a large family. Ensure that your choice of kitchen table reflects your personality and style.

Size of kitchen and family

The space available in your kitchen also dictates the kind of table you can get. A small kitchen will require a careful size calculation to ensure that the table fits and leaves enough space to walk around comfortably. A nook-style table is ideal with small spaces – you can prop it at the corner with a seat or two and save some space.

If you have a big family, you will also need to consider a big table, especially if many take some meals in the kitchen. Extendable tables are also great, although most are designed for dining.


You’ll want your kitchen table to be strong enough for all the daily wear and movement it may be subject to. Therefore, the material should be strong and reflect the aesthetic you prefer. Granite, for instance, is a great option. It is solid and durable and can be installed to match your countertops. It is, however, quite heavy and not ideal if you need to move your table around very often. Wood is also great: a solid wood construction can easily be customized to be strong and appealing. It is, however, relatively expensive.

While considering the material, you should also consider the amount of use expected and the ease of cleaning. Glass, for instance, is classy and easy to clean but will only last for a short time in a household with very active children. Wood is easy to maintain but quickly rots when exposed to too much moisture.


What are you planning to use your kitchen table for? It would help if you also considered the expected functionality of your table. A kitchen table that also doubles as a dining table should not only be strong and durable but should also be elegant. This is because it will host your guests and hold your finest crockery for fine dining. It also means that your table might have a set of matching dining chairs, and you should have enough space for them.

If you need to do meal preparation on the table, it should be made with material that is not only durable but also easy to clean.

Suppose you don’t have a home office and want to get some work done on your table. In that case, you can also consider adding some functionalities, such as modifications for power connections and document storage space.

Even though having a kitchen table customized is more expensive than just ordering a ready-made, it really is the best way to go if you need it to meet specific functional requirements.


Anyone can tell you that furniture is costly. Before setting out to buy your kitchen table, ensure a fixed or slightly flexible budget. This is because it is easy to go looking only to get overwhelmed by other better-looking and ultimately more expensive options.

In general, custom-made pieces tend to be more expensive. Some materials also make a hefty price, such as hardwood and granite. You will also dig deep into your pockets for rare styles and designs.

The easiest way to do this is to decide which of your requirements is the most important and must be met. These can then come before other aspects that would be nice but optional.

Several second-hand furniture stores have high-quality and even unique pieces for much lower prices. These can be a good cost-saver, especially if you love DIY and want to transform the table yourself.

Quality construction

You should inspect your choice thoroughly before making your purchase. Any minor defect can easily cause problems later, especially if the store does not accept returns.

For instance, ensure that your wooden table has no gaps in its joints and is not shaky. If you choose a stone, granite, or stone construction, watch out for any lines of weakness. Too many joints or hooks may also be a sign of trouble.

To protect yourself, ensure you get the manufacturer’s warranty during purchase. It should protect you from any costs you might have to cover due to the manufacturer’s poor craftsmanship or defective parts.

In conclusion, once you get a kitchen table, it becomes one of the central components of your kitchen. You prepare your meals and have them on them, and you can also use them for any other number of things. It should give you the maximum value by being as durable, stylish, and functional as you need. Even if you have a separate dining table, it should still reflect your style and blend well with the rest of the kitchen. Remember to have a budget and stick to it, too! Check out if you need catering services for all types of events within New York.