Utilizing Open Shelving for a Chic Kitchen Look

Many homeowners underestimate the beauty and functionality of open shelving in the kitchen. By displaying beautiful canisters, spoon rests, or even live plants (real or faux), open shelving adds warmth and character.

When decorating open shelves, color should always come first. Coordinating colors helps shelves look cohesive and polished.

Color Coordinate

Open shelving in your kitchen offers one of the greatest advantages: adding decor and items that bring you pleasure – whether that be colorful glasses or patterned bowls for ice cream! For children’s safety, choosing kid-friendly colors may make their use of shelves easier as well.

Your shelf style should match that of your kitchen by matching its colors to those of the cabinetry or overall design aesthetic. You can achieve this look by simply adding touches of similar hue to plates or matching their paint color with that of the cabinets themselves.

Glass shelves add an elegant, modern aesthetic to your kitchen, brightening it and providing contrast against dark cabinetry as shown here in Mel And Liza Blogspot’s kitchen. Sconce lighting will illuminate these shelves further boosting their visual impact.


Open shelving can help reduce visual weight in a kitchen while adding depth. But Johnson cautions that open shelves require much more maintenance as they’re more likely to collect dust than closed cabinets.

Open shelving offers many advantages; one being its ability to showcase your favorite pieces while creating an original aesthetic. From minimalist collections to eclectic collections featuring china patterns, open shelves can create an attractive display. Arranging them properly will ensure that they look put-together and stylish!

As an additional storage option, hang some hooks on your open shelving to hold cooking utensils. That way, when needed while cooking, they are easy to grab quickly before being returned when done – just ensure the hooks are securely fastened to either studs or heavy duty anchors for safety and longevity!

Bar Nook

Add some flair to your open shelving with decorative planters or vases from Thrifty Decor Chick that stand out in white dishes and wood cutting boards, such as these white dishes and wood cutting boards from tableware. Low shelves may even allow trailing plants drooping over the sides for an organic effect.

Installing open shelving as a bar nook is an effective way to define kitchen spaces without blocking light or views. Ree Drummond made the smart choice when she installed wood shelves in her kitchen at The Lodge that are home for her coffee maker, espresso machine and glassware storage needs. A mirrored backsplash enhances its visual impact.

If you prefer your cabinets uncluttered, installing slim white-and-brass shelves in an alcove is still a great way to have a home bar. Emily Henderson Design used wood veneer with bold blue paint splotches as part of their solution in creating this statement piece for contemporary kitchens.


One of the easiest ways to make open shelving into a stylish kitchen design element is with wall sconces. These light fixtures combine form and function beautifully, enabling you to highlight decorative items while keeping daily utensils within reach.

Add color and pattern with colorful glassware or dish towels, as Ree Drummond does in her home, or display collections of your favorite trinkets such as bottle tops or animal figurines on hooks to maximize space.

If your kitchen features corner spaces, triangular or wraparound shelves can help make use of this otherwise underutilized area. Choose glass shelves for an airier feel or use pipes as industrial decoration to give your space an industrial or rustic touch – whatever aesthetic you choose, these shelves are sure to give it an eye-catching new look that is sure to wow guests and visitors.