The Houseboat by Mole Architects

Covering an area of 221 square meters, the Houseboat is quite an interesting project that simply looks perfect from the outside. Many interior parts are also perfect, respecting the innovative and progressive design style that Mole Architects use in most of their projects.

What is interesting with the work done by Mole is that designs are modern but also highly appropriate as they combined the traditional techniques and materials with the contemporary approaches we would expect in this day of age.


As you can easily see from the images below from their project, The Houseboat, the design practices mentioned above are respected. Many of the parts of the home look stunning, modern and others are simply looking like a modern old. While we did not really like the way in which the bathroom was designed, the rest of the home is spot on.

What we really loved is the exterior. It is quite imposing and does stand out in the setting for all the right reasons. There is not much space to work with so the way in which the house was designed is appropriate, especially thanks to how much open space is available. This is a great home to live in and we are sure you agree.

Let us know if you liked the bathroom or any other part of the project through a quick comment below.

Photograph Copyright: Rory Gardiner