Tilted Shipping Container On Lombok Hillside House

Shipping containers added to homes in a proper way always make everything more special, just as you can see in this example in Lombok. Budi Pradano designed the home and decided that a tilted shipping container would be a really good idea when added right on top. We have to say this was right.

The name of the home is Clay Home and is set in the Lombak province of Bali, in Selong Belanak. We are looking at a residence that includes 2 volumes put on concrete stills offering a great view and getting the nickname Seven Havens Residence. The surrounding area is not developed much so this residence is a true landmark.


What instantly stands out is what happened at the house’s highest point. An impressive 2.2 meter high shipping container was added, at an angle of 60 degrees in order to create a really high ceiling in the home’s master bedroom. The architect got the container from an island that was close-by and it marks just one of the different locally sourced materials that were utilized in home construction. Other materials include clay that was used for walls. The clay was collected around 20 km from the home’s site, being treated by experienced craftsmen with a mix of cement, sand, cow dung and straws.

Various other interesting features can be seen in the home. Board marked walls do not overheat in this climate since they are very thick and flattened bamboo will make sure that internal cladding is present. You can also see many exposed natural materials that complement regular building materials, stone tiling and heavy wood furniture.