How To Build A Home Emergency Kit

natural disasters

The entire world was hit by numerous natural disasters. This is proof that every single home out there should have an emergency kit. This is especially the case in the event that you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters.

If you want to be protected, be sure to include the following in your home emergency kit.

Food And Water

In most cases, if a natural disaster happens, you have time to evacuate. However, what if you do not have time? In this case, you absolutely need to have food and water. Enough water for around 3 days is needed. This means you need around 3 gallons per person, although more is always better.

Nonperishables should be in your home and you want to choose those that you can prepare without the need to use a heat source. Also, do not forget about the can opener, which is often forgotten. The food that you stack should last you at least one week.


Light is vital if you lose access to electricity. Your emergency kit thus needs flashlights but you might want to consider a lantern since this makes life so much easier. In addition, the lantern is great when you have to perform tasks with 2 hands.

Try to mix battery and solar-operated lights, together with various extra batteries. Candles can also be useful. When you have access to light, it is so much easier to be calm during a strategy.

A Go Bag

A go bag is very efficient in a natural disaster. It is perfect for a situation in which you need to leave really fast since you have the bag to take with you. In that bag you should add some food for a few days, clothes and essentials for personal hygiene. Some medication to cover one week is needed, plus your important personal documents and cash.

Make sure to add birth certificates, house deed, insurance proof, social security cards and passports. Obviously, most people keep such documents somewhere else. If this is you, just put all the documents in a single folder. Add a visual reminder on it and when it is time to go fast, you quickly know what folder to take.

Cell Phone Chargers

When emergencies happen, you surely want to be in touch with people so you can let them know that you are safe. This is where the cell phone charger comes in really handy. Try to mix up power sources. Solar power is always recommended so a power bank that is solar powered is great.

If you want to take an extra step, download local maps. Also, store a note with emergency contact numbers in your phone.

First Aid Kit

Nobody knows what will happen in the event that a natural disaster happens. This is why your first aid kit is so important. It should include all the basics and you should also add a smaller one inside the car. You can never be too safe.

A Hand-Crank Radio

Besides the fact that you will feel incredibly stressed when a natural disaster comes, you will feel even worse after. This is because you have no idea what will happen. If cell phone towers go down, you do not have internet and TV is definitely not an option. Fortunately, you can use a hand-crank radio. It is so easy to find one on Amazon. Like this really good one for $60.

An N95 Mask

A good mask is really good to protect you in the event that you are surrounded by smoke. Do not think that stores will have them. A box with an N95 mask helps.